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Solid Waste Management Strategy

​​​​​The Solid Waste Management Strategy (Strategy) provides a framework for short and long-term diversion and waste disposal programs for the County of Simcoe for a period of 20 years (2010 – 2030). County Council initially approved the Strategy in 2010 with regular updates to ensure all recommendations and actions remain relevant.

The Strategy update for 2023 has been approved by County Council. This update reviewed the current state of the County's waste system and considered new legislation and regulations that will impact waste management in Ontario. 15 initiatives have been recommended to continue sustainable waste management and for increasing waste diversion in the County of Simcoe. You can read the complete Solid Waste Management update here​

​A report will be presented to Council for each of the following initiat​ives for Council's decision on how to proceed.

Strategy Initiave
1. Conduct an assessment on special curbside waste collection
​​Review special curbside waste collections and the potential of collecting more/less items curbside, or increasing the frequency of existing programs (i.e. leaf and yard waste).
2. Evaluate recycling collection under the new Individual Producer Responsibility (IPR)  framework
​The County of Simcoe's blue box program transitions to IPR on January 1, 2024 therefore recycling collection services need to be assessed and negotiations with the Producer Responsible Organization (PRO), Circular Materials (CMO)  needs to be undertaken.
3. Review impacted ineligible properties with the transition to Individual Producer Responsibility (IPR)

Review the impacts of Individual Producer Responsibility (IPR) framework on ineligible properties within the County. Analyze the implications of no longer servicing these locations, and assess whether collection from these properties should continue past January 1, 2026. 
​4. Assess Guidelines for Waste Collection from Multi-Family Developments

​Conduct an assessment on implementing design guidelines for multi-family developments that intend to improve waste diversion opportunities for this challenging sector. 
5. Investigate the Potential to Service the Industrial, Commercial and Institutional (IC&I) Sector with Organics Collection

Complete an assessment to determine the level of interest from the IC&I sector not currently using the County’s organics program to use a curbside organics collection program. 
6. Assessment on Mandatory Participation in the Organics Program

Assess instituting a mandatory participation by-law for organics, to ensure all serviced locations participate in curbside organics collection. 
7. Conduct Research and Implement an Effective Organics Promotion and Education (P&E) Campaigns

Research other successful P&E campaigns to identify best practices to promote organic diversion program participation and implement effective organics campaigns.
​8. Continued Development of Environmental Resource and Recovery Centre (ERRC)
Proceed with the design of this facility, the approvals and ultimately the construction of the site. 

Click here to learn more about the ERRC. 
9. Review Continued Operation of Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) Depots

​Evaluate the risks and costs to continue to operate HHW depots, now that the program has transitioned to IPR. 

​Complete. Approved by Council.​

See ​Council report here
​10. Assess the Current Rate Schedule at County Waste Facilities
​Assess the total cost for services associated with waste disposal and processing of divertible material and propose a new rate schedule to Council for approval. 
11. Complete an assessment on extending hours at county waste facilities 

​Conduct an assessment of current and potentially extended waste facility site hours.
12. Complete an assessment to relocate Matchedash Waste Facility to the Medonte closed landfill

​Complete an assessment on Medonte closed site replacing Matchedash waste facility, for increased accomodation for leaf and yard waste drop off, composting operations and diversion programs. 
​13. Explore purchasing property in South Simcoe for future waste management facilities
Complete an assessment on potential properties to purchase for future curbside waste transfer, public drop-off and leaf and yard waste management.
14. Enhance Promotion & Education (P&E) programming

Develop an effective and innovative P&E program that will improve public knowledge and understanding of the County’s waste programs, which would ultimately increase waste diversion/reduction.
​15. Develop a Disaster Debris Management Plan​

Prepare for the management of waste under various disaster scenarios such as act of nature, terrorism/war, government mandated shutdown, and/​or border closures.​