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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​This page will provide information on services the Simcoe County Archives provides to the public. 

Services include:

​​​​​​​​​​​​​In-person research  ​ ​

Starting June 6, 2022 the Archives Reading Room is open for in-person research by appointment o​nly.

During a Reading Room appointment, researchers will be able to review archival records and reference material with assistance from Archives staff. To maximize the amount of time spent on research during an appointment, potential researchers are encouraged to call or email the Archives regarding their research project or schedule a virtual reference interview​​ in advance of booking an in-person appointment. 

Onsite Reading Room appointments are available:

  • Monday from 1:30PM-4:00PM​
  • Tuesday to Friday with timeslots available​ 9:00AM-11:30AM and 1:30PM-4:00PM

Appointments can be booked through our online Archives Booking Service tool. 

​For questions regarding the booking service please contact the Archives at: archives@simcoe.ca  or 705-726-9331. 

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​​​Reference services​

Those interested in learning more about how the Simcoe County Archives can assist with a research project ​are encouraged to contact Archives staff at: archives@si​mcoe.ca  or 705-726-9331. 

A virtual reference interview can be also be scheduled with Archives staff to discuss a potential research topic or project. Staff will provide information on the fonds, collections, and reference material available at the Archives that may be of use to your research. 

Virtual reference interviews ​​​are available:

  • Monday from 1:00PM-4:00PM
  • Tuesday to Friday from 9:00AM – 4:00PM

Interviews last 30 minutes and can be conducted over the phone, or via video call using Microsoft Teams. 

Appointments can be booked through our online Archives Booking Service tool. 

 Please note: Archives staff do not undertake distance research inquiries. Staff can conduct an initial search of indexes and collections to verify that we hold material that is relevant to your research topic, but cannot do original research. 

 For those unable to come to the Archives to conduct research, we recommend engaging the services of a researcher for hire​.   

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​​​Tours and outreach 

Tours of the Archives are available by appointment only and subject to public health and safety guidelines. If you are interested in scheduling a tour please contact the Archives at: archives@simcoe.ca  or 705-726-9331 

 Archives staff are also available to give talks and presentations at local libraries and municipal offices, and to local historical societies and special interest groups. To discuss potential topics and arrange for an Archivist talk, please contact the Archives: archives@simcoe.ca  or 705-726-9331 

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Microfilm interloan 

The Simcoe County Archives do not lend microfilm from our collection, but we are able to order microfilm from other institutions to be viewed in the Archives Reading Room.  

If you are interested in ordering microfilm from another institution to be viewed at the Simcoe County Archives, please contact Archives staff at archives@simcoe.ca  or 705-726-9331. You will be notified when your microfilm arrives at the Simcoe County Archives.  

​Please note that the Archives Reading Room is open for in-person research by appointment only.

You may book your appointment once you have received confirmation that your microfilm is in. ​

Please refer to our Fee Schedule for pricing. 

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The Simcoe County Archives has an active in-house microfilming program.

For more information on the microfilming program please contact the Archives at: archives@simcoe.ca  or 705-726-9331.

​Please refer to our Fee Schedule for pricing.

Photocopying, scanning, and digitization services 

The Simcoe County Archives offers photocopying, scanning, and digitization services to researchers during Reading Room appointments​ 

Simcoe County Archives will make every effort to provide the high quality scans . Preservation concerns, however, must balance researcher needs against the physical needs of the collection. Reproductions will be made at the discretion of the Archivist. The decision to copy or not (and via which process) will be based on legal requirements (such as copyright and donor restrictions), the physical condition, value and format of the records, and the technical limitations imposed by available copying processes. 

 ​Items which might not be copied include extremely brittle records, tightly bound volumes, material in rare books or fine bindings, oversize items, or scrapbook pages. Repeated copying, especially of photographic material, will be avoided. 

 Researchers should also recognize, that depending upon the volume and/or condition of the requested material, copying may not be immediately available, and may have to be forwarded upon completion. Your patience and understanding is appreciated.  

If you are unable to book a Reading Room appointment, but are still interested in obtaining a digital copy of a record in our collection, please contact Archives staff at archives@simcoe.ca  or 705-726-9331. 

For more information on pricing please refer to our Fee Schedule​. 


​Please refer to our Fee Schedule for pricing.

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Municipal record transfers 

The Simcoe County Archives manages the permanent and archival records of both the County of Simcoe and its constituent municipalities. For more information on the Simcoe County Archives' Corporate and Municipal records program, please contact archives staff at: archives@simcoe.ca  or 705-726-9331. 

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Private record donations

​​​​The Simcoe County Archives has a mandate to acquire, preserve, and make available the documentary heritage of the County of Simcoe. The Archives does not purchase records for our collections. We rely on members of the public to help us preserve our collective past through the donation of records. 

 When assessing a potential donation, Archivist consider the following collections criteria: 

  • Do the records document, in some way, the history, geography, geology, culture or socio-economic structure of Simcoe County?   

  • Were the records generated in Simcoe County?   

  • If neither of the above, do the records document the life or activities of a past or present resident of Simcoe County?   

  • Are the records unique, or do multiple copies exist?   

  • Do the records enrich the Archives' collection?   

Those interested in donating personal or organizational records to the Simcoe County Archives are encouraged to book aDonation Assessment interview.  

Please note: Donations will not be accepted without first completing a Donation Assessment interview. Drop-offs will not be accepted. 

For more information on donating records to the Simcoe County Archives, please refer to our online Donor Portal. ​

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