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Adopt a Highway Program

The County of Simcoe's ADOPT-A-HIGHWAY PROGRAM has been established as a public service program for volunteers to enhance the local litter collection activities by picking litter along County road rights-of-way. It is a way for environmentally conscious groups and individuals to contribute to a cleaner and more beautiful county road system.

The County of Simcoe would like to thank all organizations and groups that participated in the 2009 Adopt-A-Highway Program. Your efforts are very much appreciated and we look forward to working with you again on this very important initiative.

Adopt A Highway Thank You To Program Participants


Program Benefits

  • Encourages community spirit and pride
  • Allows local groups to take an active role in the common objective of cleaner and safer communities
  • Saves tax dollars


WhoAdopt a Highway

Local Community groups including:

  • Service Groups
  • Church Groups
  • Youth Organizations *
  • Area Home Owner Groups
  • Cultural / Music Groups
  • Local Business
  • Any local group interested in keeping their community clean.**

*Details regarding age requirements in the safety guidelines. The County reserves the right to screen applications.

Groups may also invite family and friends of group members to participate.

**Only volunteers who have participated in and watched the required Ministry of Transportation Safety Training Video as presented by the Authorized Group Representative and who have signed the attached form are allowed to participate in this program.



Approved groups generally perform litter pick ups at least twice annually, typically, during late spring and early fall. You choose the dates that are best for your group and simply notify the Adopt-A-Highway Coordinator 5 days in advance of your outing. After you have completed your litter collection, inform the Coordinator so the County can dispatch their forces to pick up the trash bags.



For more information contact:

Chris Doherty
Adopt-A-Highway Coordinator
Transportation and Engineering Department
County of Simcoe
Administration Centre
Midhurst, Ontario
L0L 1X0
(705) 726-9300 Ext 1161



Under the program all County roads qualify for adoption.
Adopted sections of County roadways are typically 2 to 5 kilometres in length.



The County provides:

  • A complimentary road sign with your group's name to indicate your involvement in the program
  • Safety vests (maximum 15) for your group members. (Discounted prices for additional vests if required.)
  • Road crew safety signs
  • Pick up & disposal of collected litter

The volunteer group provides:

  • Time & Effort
  • Personal protective wear


Safety Guidelines for Volunteers


There are few simple rules worth remembering when it comes to safety working along the roadway. These rules must be reviewed by all volunteers before each clean-up session.


  • receive annual safety training as presented in the Ministry of Transportation Safety Training Video, (video provided by the County of Simcoe), prior to the first pick-up of the year and review safety rules before each clean-up.
  • be at least 12 years old.
  • always wear a County approved safety vest.
  • display the "road work" sign erected on the Adopt-a-Highway sign post before starting the clean-up.
  • car pool to minimize the number of vehicles at the work-site and always disembark from vehicles on the side adjacent to the ditch.
  • park parallel to the road and as far off of the travelled portion as possible.
  • park vehicles on the same side of the roadway as the volunteers.
  • cleanup only one side of the roadway at a time and work towards oncoming traffic.
  • drive to the opposite side of the roadway when switching sides.
  • pick-up litter during daylight hours only.
  • flag hazards and unidentifiable items for pick-up by County staff.
  • stay clear of any maintenance or construction operations and equipment.
  • stay clear of water hazards.
  • discontinue work in inclement weather.
  • place filled trash bags at the designated pick-up site(s) for County removal.
  • close the "road work" sign when finished the litter pick-up.
  • disembark from vehicles until "road work" sign has been displayed.
  • walk or pick-up litter on the pavement shoulder, or in the median.
  • work on bridges, overpasses, steep ground, or in tunnels.
  • walk across the pavement to switch sides.
  • touch or pick-up hazardous items or any thing that can not be identified.
  • wear clothing or display material that might distract motorists.
  • use or posses illegal drugs or alcoholic beverages before or during the clean-up.
    step or jump on trash bags.
  • stay mentally alert at all times.
  • wear protective footwear and gloves.
  • wear light coloured clothing that covers arms and legs.
  • wear a baseball cap or wide-brimmed hat and sun screen lotion.
  • drink lots of fluids while you work especially on hot humid days.
  • be aware of any special needs of fellow volunteers (i.e. Medical)
  • stay alert for and avoid hazardous plants (eg: poison ivy) and stinging insects.
  • have a first aid-kit immediately available.
  • pre-select the most direct route to the nearest medical emergency facility.
  • always have transportation immediately available.
  • know where the nearest telephone is located.