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Garbage Tags

Garbage weeks alternate with recycling weeks and organics is collected weekly. Click here​ to see your schedule. If your garbage cannot fit into your garbage cart (with lid closed) it must be bagged separate (placed 2 feet apart from other cart or objects) with a garbage tag affixed.

Maximum 5 tagged ​bags bi-weekly per property (in addition to your garbage cart) are permitted. Max 20 kgs/bag.​

How to Use Garbage Tags

Place the tag around the neck of the bag so it is visible and stick the glued sides of the tag together.

Click on map to find out your nearest garbage tag location.Click on map to find out your nearest garbage tag location.


 Bag Tag Locations



Business NameAddressPhone
Adjala-Tosorontio Municipal Office7855 30 Sideroad Adjala(705) 434-5055


Business NameAddressPhone
Tosorontio Landfill - Site 136815 Concession Rd. 4
Ivan Variety8097 Min Street(705) 435-9616

Bradford West Gwillimbury

Bond Head

Business NameAddressPhone
Bond Head Esso2292 County Rd. 27(905) 778-0670


Business NameAddressPhone
Bradford Food Mart95 Holland St. W.(905) 775-2335
Bradford West Gwillimbury Treasury Dept.61 Holland St. E.(905) 775-5303
Bradford #1 Smoke & Variety177 Holland St. E(905) 775-5561
West Gwillimbury Transfer Station, Site #162960 Line 12
Canadian Tire - #446 - Bradford430 Holland St. W.(905) 778-4330
Mac's Convenience Store #65057160 Holland St. W.(905) 775-2763
Bradford Home Hardware30 Disette St.(905) 775-6355
BWG Administration Office100 Dissette Street, Unit 7 & Unit 8(905) 775-5366
Sobeys20 Melbourne Dr.(905) 775-3301
Reali's No Frills305 Barrie St.(905) 775-9631
Hasty Market305 Barrie St., Unit #14



Business NameAddressPhone
Creemore Home Hardware153 Mill St.(705) 466-6511
Creemore Jug City7560 County Rd. 9(705) 466-2025


Business NameAddressPhone
D & L Family Variety4190 County Rd. 124(705) 445-6032


Business NameAddressPhone
Township of Clearview Municipal Office217 Gideon St.(705) 428-6230
Stayner Foodland1057 County Rd. 42(705) 428-3449
Oasis Supermarket7297 Highway 26(705) 428-3178
Nottawasaga Landfill, Site #105715 30/31 Sideroad
Mac's Convenience7380 Highway 26(705) 428-3884
Sunny Mart240 William St.



Business NameAddressPhone
Mac's Convenience236 Hurontario St.(705) 445-9890
Mac's Convenience580 Cameron Road(705) 445-7220
East End Variety256 Ontario St.(705) 445-9919
Collingwood Landfill Site #2470 Tenth Line
Mac's Convenience560 First St.(705) 445-8121
Loblaws Supermarkets Inc.12 Hurontario St.(705) 445-1431
Town of Collingwood Municipal Office97 Hurontario St.(705) 445-1030
Home Hardware Building Centre104 High St(705) 445-2671
Shoppers Drug Mart175 First St.(705) 444-6055



Business NameAddressPhone
Angus Home Hardware17 King St.(705) 424-9511
Mac's Convenience139 Mill St.(705) 424-1030
Petro Canada165 Mill St.(705) 424-7047


Business NameAddressPhone
P&T Family Store1 Robert St.(705) 458-2179


Business NameAddressPhone
Township of Essa Municipal Office5786 County Rd. 21(705) 424-9770



Business NameAddressPhone
Alcona Gas & Variety1080 Innisfil Beach Rd.(705) 436-9780
Innisfil Kitchen Food Fair2-1491 Innisfil Beach Road(705) 436-6732
Canadian Tire Gas Bar Innisfil1445 Innisfil Beach Road(705)-431-8656


Business NameAddressPhone
Lui's Place31 King St.(705) 458-1211
Cookstown Mart18 Queen St.(705) 458-9452
Charlie Brown’s Variety25 King St. S.(705) 458-9942


Business NameAddressPhone
Gilford General Store1454 Gilford Rd.(705) 456-2101
Trotter's Esso5479 Yonge St.(705) 456-3030


Business NameAddressPhone
Rainbow Convenience7975 Yonge St.(705) 436-9723
Lucky's Town Centre Variety945 Innisfil Beach Rd.(705) 431-2729
Town of Innisfil Municipal Office7315 Innisfil Beach Rd.(705) 436-3710
Alcona Beach Sobeys2080 Jans Blvd.(705) 431-6667
Mac's Convenience808 Innisfil Beach Rd.(705) 436-7183
Sandy Cove Variety902 Lockhart Rd.(705) 436 4500
Big Bay Point General Store109 Big Bay Point Rd.(705) 436-6162


Business NameAddressPhone
Lefroy Daisy Mart1382 Killarney Beach Rd.(705) 456-8383


Business NameAddressPhone
Stroud Foodland8056 Yonge St.(705) 431-2325



Business NameAddressPhone
Town of Midland Municipal Office575 Dominion Ave.(705) 526-4275
Foodland795 Balm Beach Rd.(705) 527-4067
Mac's Convenience293 Midland Ave.(705) 526-8074
Maurice's Valu-Mart277 King St.(705) 526-3622
Mac's Convenience755 William St.(705) 526-0495
North Simcoe Transfer Station, Site 241700 Golf Link Rd.
Duke's Convenience815 King St. Unit 5(705) 528-0110
Canadian Tire9303 Highway 93 S.(705) 526-9321
Little Lake Convenience741 Yonge Street(705)-526-5550

New Tecumseth


Business NameAddressPhone
Mac's Convenience33 Yonge St.(705) 435-4621
Town of New Tecumseth Municipal Office10 Wellington St. E.(705) 435-6219
Canadian Tire - Alliston 110 Yonge St.(705) 435-5551
Alliston Convenience103 Victoria St. W.(705) 434-0278
Luckie's Convenience36 Yonge St.(705) 434-4957
TLC Convenience265 King St. N.(705) 434-9500


Business NameAddressPhone
Ken and Bonnie's Beeton Foodland50 Main St. E.(905) 729-2513
The Beeton Express50 Main St.(905) 729-2513
West River Convenience60 Main St. W.(705) 429-4575


Business NameAddressPhone
Tottenham Milk & Variety1 Queen St. S.(905) 936-6077
Tottenham Smoke & Variety55 Queen St. S.(905) 936-5372
Tottenham Home Hardware260 Queen St. N(905) 936-2566
Tottenham Foodland260 Queen St. North(905) 936-2566
Tottenham AM PM Convenience2 Queen St. S.(905) 936-9160



Business NameAddressPhone
Dalston General Store1696 Penetanguishene Rd.(705) 728-8617


Business NameAddressPhone
Craighurst Foodland2106 Horseshoe Valley Rd.(705) 726-4666
Craighurst Corner Gas3406 Penetanguishene Rd.(705) 737-9302


Business NameAddressPhone
Oro Landfill, Site 11610 Old Barrie Rd. W.


Business NameAddressPhone
Hawkstone General Store353 11th Line S.(705) 487-2933


Business NameAddressPhone
Moonstone Market246 Moonstone Rd. E.(705) 835-3100


Business NameAddressPhone
West Ridge Convenience3300 Monarch Dr.(705) 323 9960


Business NameAddressPhone
Township of Oro-Medonte Municipal Office148 Line 7 South(705) 487-2171

Oro Station

Business NameAddressPhone
Coulson General Store9 Horseshoe Valley Rd.(705) 835-6351
Oro Station General Store630 Line 7 N.(705) 487-2005

Shanty Bay

Business NameAddressPhone
Village Milk Store2021 Ridge Rd. W.(705) 722-3300


Business NameAddressPhone
Warminster Jug City/AMCO9829 Highway 12 W.(705) 325-2576



Business NameAddressPhone
Mac's Convenience Store95 Main St.(705) 549-4397
Penetanguishene Public Library24 Simcoe Street(705) 549-7164
Town Penetanguishene Municipal Office10 Robert Street W.(705) 549-7453
Green Block Trading Post1 Water St.(705) 549-9554



Business NameAddressPhone
Brechin Foodland2202 Highway 12(705) 484-0032
Brechin One Stop Convenience 2692 Highway 12(705) 484-5000
Township Ramara Municipal Office2297 Highway 12(705) 484-5374


Business NameAddressPhone
Mara Transfer Station, Site 75200 County Rd. 169
Ramara Fuels5236 Highway 12(705) 329-0319
Rama General Store5872 Rama Rd, Unit 1(705) 323-9579



Business NameAddressPhone
Jag's Petro Canada36 Coldwater Rd.(705) 686-3325
Severn Tim-Br Mart116 Coldwater Rd.(705) 686-7302
Coldwater Home Hardware1 River St.(705) 686-3375
Matchedash Transfer Station - Site #84576 Upper Big Chute Rd.
Coldwater Foodland77 COLDWATER ROAD COLDWATER, ON, L0K 1E0


Business NameAddressPhone
Township of Severn Municipal Office1024 Hurlwood Ln.(705) 325-2315


Business NameAddressPhone
Houston's Village Grocery3391 Muskoka St.(705) 689-2632
Washago Home Hardware3375 Muskoka St.(705) 689-2611



Business NameAddressPhone
R&P Gas & Variety2236 Hwy 92(705) 322-9521
Clover Variety32 Yonge St. N(705) 322-5627
Elmvale Foodland14 Yonge St. N.(705) 322-2261
Guardian - Whitfields Pharmacy16 Queen St. W.(705) 322-1011
Neighbour's Convenience24 Yonge St. S.(705) 242-0062
Springwater Public Library (Elmvale Branch)50 Queen St. W(705) 322-1482


Business NameAddressPhone
The Old Corner Store2 Mill St. E.(705) 835-3737


Business NameAddressPhone
County of Simcoe Administration Centre1110 Highway 26(705) 726-9300
Pharmasave94 Finlay Mill Rd.(705) 503-7333
Mac's Convenience1179 Bayfield St. N.(705) 792-1239
Springwater Library (Midhurst Branch)12 Finlay Mill Rd.(705) 737-5650


Business NameAddressPhone
Township Springwater Municipal Office2231 Nursery Rd.(705) 728-4784
Springwater Public Library (Minesing Branch)2347 Ronald Rd.(705) 722-6440

Orr Lake

Business NameAddressPhone
Orr Lake General Store5639 Penetanguishene Rd.(705) 322-8880


Business NameAddressPhone
Phelpston General Store1547 Flos Rd. 4 W.(705) 322-7331
Quick Gas Mart Inc.13103 Highway 27(705) 322-0341


Port McNicoll

Business NameAddressPhone
The Village General Store743 Fourth Ave.(705) 534-4304
Garrett's Convenience542 Talbot St.(705) 534-3664

Victoria Harbour

Business NameAddressPhone
Township Tay Municipal Office450 Park St.(705) 534-7248
Sunny Convenience201 Albert St.(705) 540-1531



Business NameAddressPhone
Lafontaine Supermarket345 Lafontaine Rd. W.(705) 533-0033
LA Hills2 Lafontaine Rd. East(705) 533-2948
Lafontaine Supermarket345 Lafontaine Rd. W.(705) 533-2443


Business NameAddressPhone
Township Tiny Municipal Office130 Balm Beach Rd. W.(705) 526-4204


Business NameAddressPhone
Waverly Landing6555 Highway 93(705) 322-1352


Business NameAddressPhone
Wyevale Jug City870 County Rd. 6(705) 322-2624

Wasaga Beach

Wasaga Beach

Business NameAddressPhone
Beach Builder's Home Hardware1955 Mosley St.(705) 429-2960
Wasaga Beach Admin. Building30 Lewis St.(705) 429-3844
Castle Building Centre1317 Mosley St.(705) 429-5712
Canadian Tire75 45th Street S.(705) 422-1250
Foodland711 River Rd. W.(705) 429-1360
Town of Wasaga Beach Public Works150 Westbury Rd(705) 429-2540