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Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

​​Ontario's transportation network is changing quickly. In an effort to reduce harmful greenhouse gases from vehicle emissions, the Province of Ontario has promoted the expansion of electric vehicles and public stations to charge them.

In 2016, the County of Simcoe was fortunate to receive provincial funding for the installation for 3 electric vehicle charging stations. These "Level 3" Superchargers will fill up a typical electric vehicle in 30-45 minutes.

Charging Stations are currently operating at the following locations:

  1. County Museum – 1151 Highway 26, Midhurst
  2. Station Park - 212 Huron Street, Stayner - CCS is online. CHAdeMO is currently offline awaiting repair.
  3. Washago Carpool Lot – corner of Highway 169 and Highway 11, Washago

The County of Simcoe charges a fee of $0.25 per minute to use the vehicle chargers. A typical fill-up – lasting approximately 30 minutes – would cost the user $7.50. Charging fees were selected to create a revenue neutral operation for the County to operate and maintain the sites.

If you're an owner of an electric vehicle, you can download the Greenlots app to pre-load your payment information and charge directly from your phone. Locations and status of charging locations can be viewed on Plugshare.

Additional Information:

  • EV Charger Manufacturer: Efacec
  • EV point of sales, technical and customer support: Greenlots
  • Major automotive brands such as Volvo have committed to transitioning to partial- or full-electric motors by 2020
  • Over 500 publically-funded EV chargers are being installed across Ontario in 2017-18
  • There are over 10,000 registered electric vehicles in Ontario