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Committees and Boards

Council Committee of the Whole reports to County Council.  Within Committee of the Whole, there are three business sections:  Performance Management, Human Services, and Corporate Services.  The following list shows the business sections and the Committees and Sub-Committees that report through them to Committee of the Whole.  The Governance and Striking Committees report directly to County Council.

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  • Council
    • Committee of the Whole 
        • Performance Management
          • Accessibility Advisory Committee 
          • Audit and Finance Committee 
          • Affordable Housing Advisory Committee
        • Human Services
          • Affordable Housing Advisory Committee
        • Corporate Services
          • Agricultural Liaison Committee
          • Economic Development Sub-committee
    • Governance Committee
    • Striking Committee

The Simcoe County Housing Corporation Board holds meetings during the Human Services portion of the Committee of the Whole meetings, and the Shareholder, being the County of Simcoe Council holds its Annual Meeting during a session of County Council.

The Striking Committee is comprised of the Warden, Deputy Warden, Chairs and Vice-Chairs of the Business Sections and is responsible for recommending appointment of members of County Council to various boards and committees, both internally and externally.