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The Simcoe County Archives

Now online: 

County of Simcoe Council Minutes, 1846-1952

We are please to announce that the County of Simcoe Council minutes, 1846-1952, are now available online. The minutes provide a window onto the historic workings of County governance. Access the minutes. They can also be accessed via the navigation links on the right side of the page.

The Archives

Ontario's first County Archives was established in 1966, and continues to be a leader among small and municipal archives. The Simcoe County Archives manages the permanent records of both the County of Simcoe and its constituent municipalities, and documents the collective memory of the County by acquiring and preserving the historical record in all recording media.

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Archives sign and facade

The Simcoe County Archives Database

Now Online

With this powerful search tool, you will be able to access approximately 21 000 records describing our collections, which document the collective memory of Simcoe County. Though the database represents only a small portion of our collections, that portion will grow as we add more descriptions. Search the collections.



Using Archives: A Guide by Laura Schmidt  

Member of SUMAC, Simcoe County's Cultural Network

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Archeion is Ontario's Archival Information Network, an online research tool providing access to descriptions of archival records held by members of the Archives Association of Ontario (AAO). The records themselves are preserved and made accessible via the individual archives. Archeion is a member-supported service provided by the AAO.