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Smart Cities Challenge

The Smart Cities Challenge encourages communities across Canada to improve the lives of their residents through innovation, data and connected technology.

At the County of Simcoe, we are excited about this opportunity as it allows us execute on our vision of providing innovative and progressive services to our residents. Competing in this Smart Cities Challenge also aligns with our unwavering commitment to tackling significant challenges that greatly affect the health and safety of our many communities.

One area we have identified is leveraging technology and sensors to better manage extreme weather and flooding events. By focusing on this important area, we feel there is an incredible opportunity to make our many communities more safe and resilient.

Specifically, our “challenge statement" for this application is outlined below:

“After years of increasing flood susceptibility, Simcoe County, partner municipalities and agencies will utilize innovative 'smart technologies' to reduce future damages and public risk by at least 50%; provide timely flood notifications to residents within at-risk areas; and, implement effective partnership measures to mitigate flooding concerns with emergency management services."

If our application is ultimately successful, our County could qualify to win one of two prizes of up to $10 million.

We encourage all residents to contribute to this initiative and help us since we are competing with other communities across Canada.  

Finally, our goal is to incorporate community feedback at every step in the process in order to accurately tackle this important issue.

As of May 1, 2018, our application has been deemed eligible and is currently under evaluation by the Jury committee.

View our full “Smart Cities Challenge” application.

View a list of partners supporting the submission.

To submit feedback or to receive more information, contact:

Debbie Korolnek
General Manager, Engineering, Planning and Environment