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How to Prepare for the Arrival of Paramedics

Providing critical information to paramedics will help them care for you as best and quickly as possible. Completing the information requested in the File of Life document below will help save time in an emergency. Print, complete and keep it updated so you can provide it to paramedics in case of an emergency.

In any emergency situation it is important to stay calm, get organized and prepare for emergency services to arrive.

  • Take care of immediate needs – follow instructions of paramedic dispatcher
  • Ensure your house number is clearly displayed and illuminated
  • After dark turn on your inside and outside lights
  • Gather information (medications, medical history) – File of Life and health card
  • Move pets into another room
  • Clear way for stretcher and equipment, if possible
  • Have someone in lobby/elevator
  • Move all cars from the driveway, if possible
  • Unlock and open the front door