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Grow Your Green Bin


​The giant green bin is coming to an event near you this summer:

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Grow your green bin event photo.jpg 


  • Using the green bin reduces greenhouse gas production. Methane is emitted during the decomposition of organics in the landfill. Methane is a greenhouse gas which is 25 times more harmful than carbon dioxide.
  • Green bin material in the landfill contributes to the production of leachate, formed when water comes into contact with buried waste and can negatively affect groundwater.
  • Removing green bin material from the garbage saves disposal capacity for other materials which cannot be diverted and saving space now avoids increased costs to manage your waste in the future.  In the long term, using the green bin means less need for landfills. 
  • Once collected, green bin materials are processed into a natural soil amendment which is healthy for the environment and can help to reverse climate change.

Thanks for growing your green bin - not your garbage!     

Grow your green bin. Not your garbage 

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