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Waste News and Notices

To receive service alerts for any future waste collection impacts, check out the most recent schedule. Or, follow us on Twitter @simcoecounty.   

Current Notices



Important COVID-19 NEWShttps://www.simcoe.ca/SolidWasteManagement/Pages/Waste-Facilities-Closed-to-the-Public.aspx3/17/2020 4:13:12 PMImportant COVID-19 NEWS<p>​​​​​​The County is taking precautions to help protect our vulnerable residents and reduce the spread of COVID-19. Important instructions and impacts related to waste management programs are listed below and will be updated regularly.</p><p>We encourage residents to download the free Simcoe County Collects app available on <a href="https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=ca.simcoe.recollect.waste"><font color="#0066cc">Google Play</font></a> or the <a href="https://apps.apple.com/app/id1460808130"><font color="#0066cc">App Store</font></a> to receive live updates as we monitor the COVID-19 pandemic. Service Simcoe will continue to be operational for Phone or Email service, <a href="mailto:service@simcoe.ca"><font color="#0066cc">service@simcoe.ca</font></a> or 800-263-3199. </p><p><a href="/CorporateCommunications/Pages/Coronavirus.aspx"><font color="#0066cc">Click here </font></a>for more information about COVID-19 as it pertains to other County of Simcoe Services. </p><table class="ms-rteTable-2" cellspacing="0" style="width:635px;"><tbody><tr class="ms-rteTableHeaderRow-2"><th class="ms-rteTableHeaderEvenCol-2" rowspan="1" colspan="1" style="width:117px;height:41px;"><h2 class="ms-rteElement-H2B"><span class="ms-rteThemeForeColor-1-0">Program / Facility</span></h2></th><th class="ms-rteTableHeaderOddCol-2" rowspan="1" colspan="1" style="width:408.75px;height:41px;"><h2 class="ms-rteElement-H2B"><span class="ms-rteThemeForeColor-1-0">​​Impact​</span><br></h2></th></tr><tr class="ms-rteTableOddRow-2"><td class="ms-rteTableEvenCol-2" rowspan="1" style="width:117px;"><p><strong><strong>Waste Facilities Restrictions</strong></strong></p></td><td class="ms-rteTableOddCol-2" rowspan="1" style="width:408.75px;"><p>UPDATE July 27, 2020 - All Waste Facilities have been re-opened with modified ​ hours of operation. Restrictions related to ​use of the sites, as well as COVID-19 precautionary measures remain in effect.  <a href="/_layouts/15/FIXUPREDIRECT.ASPX?WebId=a41fbfa1-82ca-4939-9932-d97b8d6ad3e9&TermSetId=fb933945-005d-43ad-bb62-b84ef1fa9284&TermId=ab133ec8-4c3e-4f4e-8bf2-818b544120a0"><font color="#0066cc">Click here for more details</font><font color="#0066cc">.</font></a></p></td></tr><tr class="ms-rteTableEvenRow-2"><td class="ms-rteTableEvenCol-2" rowspan="1" style="width:117px;"><p><strong>Call-in </strong><strong>Bulky Item Collection</strong></p></td><td class="ms-rteTableOddCol-2" rowspan="1" style="width:408.75px;"><p>Call-in Bulky Item Collection that normally runs from June through September has been cancelled for 2020.<br><br></p></td></tr><tr class="ms-rteTableOddRow-2"><td class="ms-rteTableEvenCol-2" rowspan="1" style="width:117px;"><strong>​Clothing and Electronics Collection</strong><br></td><td class="ms-rteTableOddCol-2" rowspan="1" style="width:408.75px;">​Both the clothing collection and electronics collection programs have been cancelled for 2020. <a href="/CorporateCommunications/Pages/update-on-clothing-and-electronics-collections.aspx">Click here for more details​</a>.<br></td></tr><tr class="ms-rteTableEvenRow-2"><td class="ms-rteTableEvenCol-2" rowspan="1" style="width:117px;"><p><strong>Spring ​Compost Sales</strong></p></td><td class="ms-rteTableOddCol-2" rowspan="1" style="width:408.75px;"><p>Spring residential & commercial compost sales have been postponed until further notice in order to reduce site traffic and ensure physical distancing.  </p></td></tr><tr class="ms-rteTableOddRow-2"><td class="ms-rteTableEvenCol-2" rowspan="1" style="width:117px;"><p><strong>Curbside Collection Instructions</strong></p></td><td class="ms-rteTableOddCol-2" rowspan="1" style="width:408.75px;"><p>​​Curbside waste collections are continuing however collection times and operations may fluctuate based on staffing levels. The following safety measures for curbside collection have been put into effect to ensure the wellbeing of our waste collection operators and limit the spread of COVID-19:</p><ol><li>All green bin organic materials <span lang="EN-US" style="text-decoration:underline;">must be bagged</span>, sealed and placed inside green bins. <span lang="EN-US" style="text-decoration:underline;">Compostable bags are preferred</span>; however, *plastic bags are being accepted on a temporary basis to assist residents with this change </li><li>All garbage must be bagged and sealed properly</li><li>Residential units may place out 1 bag of diapers in a clear, sealed bag on their garbage day without additional bag tags </li><li>Exercise physical distancing with collection operators </li></ol><p>*Note the County's contracted organics processor is temporarily accepting plastic bags and will continue to separate and divert organic materials in support of the environment. All plastic bags (clear, grocery) will be accepted but must be sealed and placed inside green bins. </p></td></tr></tbody></table>
What to do if Your Material is Missed on Collection Dayhttps://www.simcoe.ca/SolidWasteManagement/Pages/What-to-do-if-Your-Material-is-Missed-on-Collection-Day.aspx9/8/2020 10:33:53 PMWhat to do if Your Material is Missed on Collection Day<p style="text-decoration:underline;">​​​​​For current waste collection impacts, <a href="/_layouts/15/FIXUPREDIRECT.ASPX?WebId=a41fbfa1-82ca-4939-9932-d97b8d6ad3e9&TermSetId=fb933945-005d-43ad-bb62-b84ef1fa9284&TermId=235f6302-c503-4433-8033-10b029a61b2a">click here​</a>.​​<br></p><p><span style="font-size:1em;">W</span><span style="font-size:1em;">e apolo</span><span style="font-size:1em;">gize for the delays and impacts to your curbside waste collection services. We know that waste collection is an essential service and that's why we do everything we can to work with our contractor to get waste materials off the streets each week.</span></p><p>Our contractor, like many other providers in the waste industry, has experienced challenges finding equipment operators. COVID-19 precautions, weather impacts and increases in recycling volumes also impact service levels. <br></p><p>Our goal is to pick up your materials on your scheduled day each week. We have worked with our contractor to minimize impacts and assist residents in knowing what to do when misses occur. <br></p><p>As always, please remember to leave material out between 7 a.m. and 8 p.m. on your regular collection day. To speed up collection on recycling weeks, ensure all your items are <a href="/_layouts/15/FIXUPREDIRECT.ASPX?WebId=a41fbfa1-82ca-4939-9932-d97b8d6ad3e9&TermSetId=fb933945-005d-43ad-bb62-b84ef1fa9284&TermId=0dc3300a-81b0-4068-8f79-88319d2964d1"><span style="text-decoration:underline;">recyclable</span> </a>and cardboard is flattened and bundled (max. 75 x 75 x 20 cm).</p><p>If your area is missed, please take the following steps:<br></p><ul><li>Place materials out the following day by 7 a.m. and leave out until 8 p.m. (one extra day <span style="text-decoration:underline;">only</span>)</li><li>If collection doesn't occur the following day, please hold your materials until Saturday, when trucks will be returning to missed areas and place materials out by 7 a.m. and leave out until 8 p.m. <br></li></ul><p style="font-size:1em;display:inline;">​​​​​​The County communicates collection impacts for your specific location and updates on returns through the Simcoe County Collects app, which is free to download <br></p><span style="font-size:1em;">on </span><a href="https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=ca.simcoe.recollect.waste" style="font-size:1em;"><font color="#0066cc">Google Play</font></a><span style="font-size:1em;"> or the </span><font color="#0066cc" style="font-size:1em;"><a href="https://apps.apple.com/app/id1460808130" style="font-size:1em;">App Store</a>.<a href="https://apps.apple.com/app/id1460808130"></a></font><span style="font-size:1em;"> </span><span style="font-size:1em;">Notices are also posted on </span><a href="http://www.simcoe.ca/" style="font-size:1em;">www.simcoe.ca</a><span style="font-size:1em;">​</span><span style="font-size:1em;">. I</span><span style="font-size:1em;">f you did not receive collection service by end of day Saturday please contact Service Simcoe at 1-800-263-3199 or </span><a href="mailto:service@simcoe.ca" style="font-size:1em;">service@simcoe.ca</a><span style="font-size:1em;"> </span><div>​<br><span style="font-size:1em;"></span><div><div><div><span style="font-size:1em;">​Click ​<a href="/SolidWasteManagement/Pages/gro.aspx">here</a> for more information on setting out waste to help increase timely and efficient collection. </span><br><p> </p><p><br></p></div></div><br></div></div>