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Siting Process

The siting process was developed by Ontario industry-leading experts and included the evaluation of 502 potential sites through a three-screen process, applying over twenty environmental (such as the avoidance of wetlands and floodplains, vulnerable areas under Source Protection, prime agricultural areas, and sensitive receptors) and technical criteria.  A short list of seven sites was presented for public, Aboriginal, and stakeholder consultation in fall 2015, followed by a detailed comparative evaluation completed by the County's consultant.

Following an exhaustive siting and consultation period, on March 22, 2016, furthering development of a co-located OPF and MMF at 2976 Horseshoe Valley Road West, Springwater, was approved by County Council.​

Consultant Siting Reports

Part 1 – OPF - Planning – Siting Methodology and Evaluation Criteria
Part 1 MMF - Planning – Siting Methodology and Evaluation Criteria
Part 2 – OPF - Long List Evaluation
Part 2 –​​ MMF - Long List Evaluation
Part 3- OPF and MMF - Short List Evaluation

Revised Siting Criteria Table

Consultation Report

Project Initiation and Siting - June 4, 2018


Figure 1 - Preferred Site
Figure 2 - Conceptual Site Layout


A.1 - Newspaper Advertisements
A.2 - 'Managing Your Waste' Newsletters
A.3 - Handouts and Information Booklets
B.1 - Correspondence
B.2 - Neighbouring Landowner Meeting Notes - March 23, 2016
B.3 - Neighbouring Landowner Meeting Notes - September 8, 2016
C.1 - Summary of Communication and Meetings
D.1 - Correspondence
D.2 - Consultation Material
E.1 - Project Notification
E.2 - Siting Methodology
E.3 - Short List of Sites
E.4 - Release of Preferred Site
E.5 - OPF Project Delivery Method
F.1 - Project Initiation, Siting Methodology
F.2 - Short List of Sites
F.3 - From Short List to Release of Preferred Site
F.4 - From Release of Preferred Site - March 1 to May 9, 2016
F.5 - From Release of Preferred Site - May 10 to August 11, 2016
F.6 - From Release of Preferred Site - August 12, 2016 to January 3, 2017
F.7 - Supplementary details - Mr. and Mrs. Wagner - to January 19, 2017