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Environmental Resource Recovery Centre


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As of January 2023, the County has diverted a total of 200,000 tonnes of organics through the curbside organics program established in 2008. Through increased organic waste, capture and an increasing population, the amount of organics is projected to steadily increase annually. A County-owned Organics Processing Facility (OPF), would ensure consistency in processing costs, consistency in processing location and potential for revenue through biogas capture and resale of the finished product.

What is the ERRC?

It is NOT a landfill. The ERRC will house an Organics Processing Facility (OPF), a Materials Management Facilty (MMF) for the transfer of garbage, and a Public Education Centre. 

Why build this facility?

Waste management in Ontario is changing. The ERRC will allow us to securely manage our own waste, control transfer and processing costs, and provide greater flexibility to adjust our programs to divert more organics from our garbage stream. 

Organics Processing Facility (OPF)

A closed-loop, circular-economy solution where organics (green cart material) are processed and converted into resources such as soil amendments.

A county-owned and operated organics processing facility would have the following benefits:

  • allows the County to be in control of what is accepted in the green cart program
  • reduced emissions by reducing the distance organics are hauled for processing
  • flexibility to respond to population growth and increased organics
  • production of valuable end products such as soil amendments
  • helps us adapt to provincial legislation

Materials Management Facility (MMF)

A location where waste from garbage from curbside collection trucks can be consolidated prior to being transferred to an external facility for disposal. 

Public Education Centre

A location where residents, schools and others can attend to learn about waste management.

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