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Setting Out Your Carts



​​How to get rolling…

The County continues to distribute around 450,000 new carts to eligible households and residents. I​f your household has not received carts, please place your materials at the curb using your blue boxes and containers as you’ve done for years. Our new contractor will conduct manual collection for select homes for a limited time. If your household or business has not yet received your carts, please contact our Service Simcoe Contact Centre at 1-800-263-3199 or service@simcoe.ca.

When you receive your carts, write your address in the white space on the side of each cart with a marker. The serial numbers on your carts are assigned to your address, so do not exchange carts with others. 

Carts remain the property of the County of Simcoe. Report a broken, lost or found cart to service@simcoe.ca or 1-800-263-3199.​

Setting out ​your ​cart​

Starting November 1st, roll-out carts on your new collection day by 7 a.m. Please note collection times will vary for several weeks as routing is optimized.

  • Place carts on a level surface within eight feet of the traveled portion of the road, avoiding low hanging branches
  • Remember the Rule of 2: Set out carts 2 feet apart, with 2 feet between your cart and any other objects
  • Point the arrows on the carts towards the street and handles towards your house
  • ​Set out your locked green cart to deter critters - the latch opens automatically during the collection process
  • Do not over-stuff carts, fill loosely, ensure lid is fully closed
  • Do not use bungee cords or other items to keep the cart lids closed​​    ​

Do I have to bag my materials?

Bagging instructions remain unchanged. Each cart is slightly different from one another:
  • Blue Bin: Recyclables are to be placed in the cart with the blue lid and should NOT be bagged (with the exception of shredded paper) 
  • Black Bin: Garbage may be bagged or loose 
  • Green Bin: We recommend organics be bagged using certified compostable bags or wrapped in newspaper to minimize sticking inside the cart, reduce odours, etc.

​What if I have extra material?

  • Additional recycling must be placed in clear plastic bags or blue bins​
  • Garbage tags must be purchased and affixed to any additional garbage. Max. 5 bags, size and weight restrictions apply
  • Multiple bags of additional materials can be set out next to one another, providing they are at least 2 feet from carts to allow for automated cart collection​


Special instructions for winter

  • When shovelling, clear a flat spot at the end of your driveway or at the curb for your carts
  • Place carts within eight feet of the traveled portion of the road, which ensures the automated arm can reach while allowing room for snow clearing​ equipment to pass
  • Don't place carts behind or on top of snowbanks​​​​
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