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About the Carts

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ ​​​


​Cart sizes are universal and were chosen based on the average waste needs per household in the County of Simcoe, accounting for future needs and additions to recycling and organic programs. If you require additional capacity, use your old recycling bins or tagged garbage bags can be placed at the curb.

Between August and the end of October, each eligible location will receive a set of three complimentary carts.


One large cart with a blue lid for recyclables is equivalent to four of our current recycling bins.  For more information about the County's recycling program, click here.


One medium-sized cart with a black lid for garbage ­has enough space for two full large black bags. For more information about the County's garbage collection ​program, click here.​


The new green cart with a gravity locking lid for organics  larger than our current green bins to encourage greater diversion of organics and account for seasonal fluctuations such as for pumpkins, pet waste, turkey carcasses. For more information about the County's Organics program, click here​.​

 What if I have extra material?

  • Additional recycling must be placed in clear plastic bags or blue bins.
  • Garbage tags must be purchased and affixed to any additional garbage.  Max. 5 bags, size and weight restrictions apply.
  • Set out a minimum of 2 feet beside carts.

Cart ​dimensions:

Cart TypeCapacityHeightDepth
Front to Back
Side to Side
Recycling360 litres110.4 cm84.5 cm74.1 cm
Garbage240 litres102.8 cm71.4 cm67.8 cm
Organics120 litres95.2 cm62.2 cm46.9 cm


Why one size fits Simcoe County

The County considered the best sizes for all our residents and cart sizes selected will suit the majority of households as we continue with bi-weekly garbage and recycling collection. Additional considerations included:​
  • Carts don’t require any lifting and are easy to roll regardless of how full
  • At different times of the year, residents have varying levels of waste. For instance, holidays and family gatherings often generate increased waste
  • Carts provide flexibility for additional capacity when needed
  • Costs to all taxpayers was an important factor in Council’s decision. Other jurisdictions have advised that offering cart size choices created considerably higher implementation, distribution, and annual operating costs
  • We are planning for the future as Provincial changes coming soon to recycling programs may allow for materials​

If you are a senior or individual with accessibility concerns and have questions about using the carts, are worried about storing carts or have other questions about the carts, please visit our FAQ page.​​


What Goes Where

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