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Housing Options and Applying for Housing


In order to be eligible for Social Housing, at least one member in your household must be 16 years or older. You must be a Canadian Citizen, Landed Immigrant or have Refugee Claimant Status. You must not owe arrears to any social housing provider or have misrepresented your household income. If you own a house, you must agree to sell it within six months of being housed. You may not have assets worth more than $50,000. All members of the household who are 16 years or older must sign the application and copies of birth certificates, proof of Canadian Citizenship or Landed Immigrant status for all members of the household must be provided.

There are several ways to obtain an application for subsidized housing:

  • It can be picked up at the Social and Community Services office located at 1110 Highway 26, Midhurst

  • You can request that it be mailed to you by calling 705-725-7215




Simcoe County Housing CorporationSimcoe County Housing Corporation<p>​The County of Simcoe is the direct owner and manager of the Simcoe County Housing Corporation which provides affordable housing to seniors, families and individuals.  Units are rent-geared-to-income and therefore tenants pay rent based on their income.<br></p>
Non-Profit, Co-operative & Urban Native Housing ProgramsNon-Profit, Co-operative & Urban Native Housing Programs<p>​Non-profit housing is owned and managed by local non-profit housing groups.  Co-operative housing is owned and managed directly by its members.  Typically, 60 percent of non-profit and co-operative housing residents pay rent based on income and 40 percent pay market rents.  Urban Native housing programs are units specifically for individuals with Native Status.<br></p>
Rent SupplementRent Supplement<p>​The County has agreements with owners of private and non-profit/co-operative units to provide rent subsidies to households by bridging the gap between market rent and the amount the tenant is required to pay based on their income.<br></p>
Special Needs HousingSpecial Needs Housing<p>Living space made for people who have to use a wheelchair, a cane, or a piece of equipment to help them walk. These living spaces allow for people to be able to live safely on their own. All persons requesting one of these living spaces have to complete an <a href="/SocialHousing/Documents/Application%20for%20Subsidized%20Housing.pdf" target="_blank">Application for Subsidized Housing</a> and give a doctor's letter to prove their need. They also have to complete a form called a <a href="http://apps.simcoe.ca/Special_Needs" target="_blank"> Housing Preference Availability Form</a> which they can do in person at the County of Simcoe Administration building, Social and Community Services Division office at 1110 Hwy. 26, Midhurst, Ontario.  (Please ask for the 'Special Needs' binder.) </p><p>Persons applying for these spaces will only be placed on the waiting list for the units at the buildings they choose on the Housing Preference Availability Form. If a person no longer needs one of these living spaces, they must give new information to the Simcoe County Housing Corporation office by calling 705 725-7215.</p>