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Local Official Plan Approvals

Municipalities are required to update their Official Plans every 10 years to ensure that it; conforms with provincial and regional (County) plans or does not conflict with them, has regard to the matters of provincial interest, and is consistent with provincial policy statements issued by the Minister.  This constitutes the Provincial plan conformity exercise identified in Section 26(2.1) of the Planning Act.  The County of Simcoe is the Approval Authority for all local municipal Official Plans as per Section 17 of the Planning Act, R.S.O. 1990, c.P.13, as amended.  The local Official Plans take effect upon County Council approving the Official Plan as adopted, or through the approval of a modified Official Plan, and if no appeals to the Local Planning Appeals Tribunal (LPAT) are received.

For each of the local municipalities that have adopted a new Official Plan which has been approved by the County, the County has posted copies of the related County staff report recommending approval, including all related schedules.   Where the approval of a local Official Plan has been appealed to the LPAT, information related to the appeal has also been made available. 

Official Plan Approval Documents

Town of Innisfil:


Notice of Decision - October 23, 2018

Non-Decision Lands Reference Map

County Staff Report:

CCW 2018-482

Schedule 1 to CCW 2018-482 - Town of Innisfil Adopted Official Plan

Schedule 2 to CCW 2018-482 - Proposed County Modifications to Official Plan 1

Schedule 3 to CCW 2018-482 - Proposed County Modifications to Official Plan 2

Schedule 4 to CCW 2018-482 - Town of Innisfil Comments and Responses

Schedule 5 to CCW 2018-482 - Churchill Non-decision Lands Map

LPAT Appeal Notices:

The County of Simcoe has received seven appeals to its Decision to approve the Town of Innisfil's “Our Place" Official Plan.   The LPAT has confirmed that all seven Notices of Appeal are valid and has applied the following LPAT Case and File Number PL180900 to the appeals.   The LPAT Contact is Ryan Co, Case Coordinator, Planner who can be reached by phone at 416-326-8946 or by email at