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Simcoe County Age-Friendly Guide - Pathway

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By the year 2016, our province's older adult population will more than double. That's just the beginning. During the next 25 years, our population of people 65 and over in Canada will double to 10.4 million, making seniors roughly one quarter of the population in 2036.[i]

Ontarians are living longer, healthier lives than ever before. Older adults have the same needs as people of all ages. Accessibility to health care and social services, public transportation, housing, safety and strong social networks all become more central to our lives as we age.[ii]​​

Simcoe County is experiencing rapid aging above national and provincial averages. The proportion of adults aged 65 and over in Simcoe County is15.7% of the population compared to 14.6% in Ontario and 14.8% in Canada.[iii]​​​   Over the last five years, the proportion of adults aged 65+ has grown 18.3% in the whole County. 

Simcoe County 18.3%Onario 13. 13.9%canada 14.1%