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Newcomer Recognition Awards

​​​​​​​​​​The Newcomer Recognition Awards celebrates the contribution of immigrants living in Simcoe County and the organizations and businesses supporting enhanced opportunities for a growing and changing demography.

W​atch the Virtual Ninth Annual ​2021 Newcomer Recognition Awards on the County of Simcoe YouTube channel.

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Pour tout renseignement sur cet évènement et pour obtenir les documents en français contactez-nous à: sclip@simcoe.ca

Sponsor the Newcomer Recognition Awards

The celebration is fully sponsored by businesses, and community partners. The Simcoe County Local Immigration Partnership (LIP) welcomes financial sponsorship to support the awards.

As a sponsor you will be making a contribution towards establishing Simcoe County as a welcoming and inclusive place for newcomers. Through sponsorship you will have the opportunity for public recognition as a contributing partner.

For more information about sponsoring download the sponsorship package:

Newcomer Recognition Awards Sponsorship Package 2021.FINAL.pdf

Nominate an individual, an organization, a group and/or a business

Nominations for individuals , organizations, groups and/or businesses can be submitted in 13 different categories.

A sample nomination form and a video can be reviewed to help you complete a successful nomination:NCRA_Sample_Application.pdf

Nomination video.​

1. Celebrate individual achievements in your communities:

  • Community Champion Award
    An individual who strengthens community awareness about, and advocates for, newcomer equity and the celebration of cultural diversity in Simcoe County.
    Click on the following link to download the nomination form:​  Newcomer Recognition Awards individual application form 2021 - FINAL.pdf

  • Immigrant Artist (Individual or Group) Award
    An immigrant whose art has been recognized with a degree of excellence or with outputs considered to be of high quality. An artist who has positively impacted or contributed to the art of others and has positively promoted the immigrant experience.
    Click on the following link to download the nomination form for an Individual Artist: Newcomer Recognition Awards individual application form 2021 - FINAL.pdf or, for a Artist Group: Newcomer Recognition Awards Business Org Group application form 2021 - FINAL.pdf

  •  Immigrant Artist Award Winner



    2019 Immigrant Artist Award Winner: Safani2019 Immigrant Artist Award Winner: Safani<p><img src="/ChildrenandCommunityServices/PublishingImages/Safani%20-%202019%20Immigrant%20Artist%20Award.jpg" alt="" style="margin:5px;" /><br></p><p>Safani was born in Sri Lanka and immigrated to Canada in 2005.  She moved to Simcoe County in 2014, and now resides in Bradford West Gwillimbury. </p><p>Safani has a passion for capturing wildlife everywhere, recently chronicling the adventures of a beaver family as they built a dam in a local subdivision reservoir. Many, who have seen these photos, are surprised and delighted to see the variety of wildlife that co-exists in their neighborhoods. </p><p>Safani is an active and founding member of the Passion Made Studio Art Tour in Bradford West Gwillimbury.  She sets an example to other immigrants, joining various community organizations and supporting local initiatives by donating some of her art.  Her donations enhance public spaces and highlight the contributions of immigrant artists.   </p><p>The town of Bradford West Gwillimbury recently presented the Lieutenant Governor of Ontario, Elizabeth Dowdeswell, a photograph of the historic Auld Kirk church taken by Safani.  She shares how humbled and delighted she was to meet the Queen's representative.  Safani is grateful that the town appreciates her photography.   </p><p><br></p>

2. Nominate a young leader:

  • Immigrant Youth Award
    An immigrant 25 years of age or younger who is dedicated to supporting immigrant integration and cultural awareness in Simcoe County.
    Click on the following link to download the nomination form:​​​ Newcomer Recognition Form individual application form 2020.pdf



    2019 Immigrant Youth Award Winner: Lu-Han2019 Immigrant Youth Award Winner: Lu-Han<p> <img src="/ChildrenandCommunityServices/PublishingImages/Lu-Han%20-%202019%20Immigrant%20Youth%20Award.jpg" alt="" style="margin:5px;" />​</p> <p>Lu-Han Wang is an international student from Taiwan studying at Lakehead University in Orillia. She is a leader both on and off campus. </p><p>Lu-Han has made it her mission to become involved on campus. She started a Peer Mentoring program designed to support new international students at the Orillia campus. Through this program, new international students had the opportunities to connect with peers in the community.   </p><p>Lu-Han understands how overwhelming it can be coming to Canada as an international student. She mentored over 20 new international students. She helped them adjust to life in Canada, encouraging them to become involved, not just on campus, but in the greater Simcoe County community.  </p><p>A member of the Lakehead University Multicultural Association (LUMA), Lu-Han helped plan events to increase cultural diversity and inclusion awareness on campus.    </p>

3. Recognize business or organization achievements:

  • Marketing and Outreach Award
    A business or organization demonstrating strategies and implementing initiatives that successfully market to immigrants.
    Click on the following link to download the nomination form:​​ Newcomer Recognition Awards Business Org Group application form 2021 - FINAL.pdf



    2019 Marketing and Outreach Award Winner: La Clé2019 Marketing and Outreach Award Winner: La Clé<p> <img src="/ChildrenandCommunityServices/PublishingImages/La%20Cle%20-%202019%20Marketing%20and%20Outreach%20Award.jpg" alt="" style="margin:5px;" />​</p><p>La Clé is a catalyst for the Francophone community of Simcoe County. The organization provides child and family services, employment and training services as well as cultural and radio activities. </p><p>For many years, La Clé has worked to make sure its workplace and programming are culturally inclusive. The organization's communication strategy represents Canada's diversity by using photos of individuals of diverse backgrounds in its materials. La Clé's cultural programming is diverse. In 2018, an African dance performance by Akwaba <em>(Ah-kwa-ba) </em>paid homage to both women and the African Francophonie. La Clé Community Radio devotes a program to international Francophone music.  </p><p>La Clé celebrates the diversity in Canada's Francophone communities.</p>


4. Nominate a local school:

  • ​​​​​​Multiculturalism through Education
A Simcoe County school that consistently incorporates multiculturalism in one or more of the following:

  • Planning and/or policy development
  • Curriculum
  • Community relations
  • School culture

​Click on the following link to download the nomination form: Newcomer Recognition Awards school application form 2021 - FINAL.pdf

  • Multiculturalism through Education
    A Simcoe County educator that consistently incorporates multiculturalism in one or more of the following:
    • Planning and/or policy development
    • Curriculum
    • Community relations
    • School culture

​​Click on the following link to download the nomination form: Newcomer Recognition Awards individual application form 2021 - FINAL.pdf

​For more information about nomination criteria, please click here: newcomer recognition awards criteria 2021 - FINAL.pdf



2018 Multiculturalism through Education Winner: Chris Hadfield2018 Multiculturalism through Education Winner: Chris Hadfield<p>​<img src="/ChildrenandCommunityServices/PublishingImages/Chris%20Hadfield%20-%202018%20Multiculturalism%20through%20Education.jpg" alt="" style="margin:5px;" /></p><p>The school administration reviewed promising practices, including visiting a model school in the Toronto District School Board to deepen and broaden their approach. </p><p>Vice Principal Natalie Edgar developed an extensive collection of elementary and secondary books to ensure diverse representation. The collection has since been expanded to all schools in Simcoe County. </p><p>The administrators and staff ensure they know their learners and families. They host coffee houses to get to know parents and guardians and invite families to share their culture, language and expertise in areas of interest. An excellent example of inclusion is when the administration intentionally reached out to newcomers to invite them to participate in the School Council, which has ensured diverse representation. </p><p>The attitude in this school is that linguistic, cultural and creed diversity are a strength to be leveraged in learning, rather than a challenge, obstacle or deficit. </p><p>It is a school wide effort. From students and teachers, support staff, office staff and custodial staff. </p><p><br></p>

Additional Downloads:

Rules & Regulations: Newcomer Recognition Awards Rules and Regulations 2021-FINAL.pdf

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the local immigration partnership through: sclip@simcoe.ca.