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Early Intervention Services in Simcoe County


Our Services and Programs include:


For more information on the Provincial Special Needs Resourcing Strategy in Simcoe County, please view the following communications:

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Infant Development Program

Infant Development Workers, who are specialists in infant development and infant mental health, provide in-home services to families with children two (2) years of age or under who are concerned about any area of their infant's development.

Preschool Resource Services

Resource Consultants and Early Intervention workers help children from age two (2) to school entry whose parents are concerned about their child's physical, social, emotional or communication development. These specialists in early learning and child development help your child meet developmental milestones and build a solid foundation for success.

Autism Specific Services - Autism Consultation

Autism Consultants have in-depth knowledge of the challenges facing families and children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorders. They are an expert source of information and help you link to the various services and supports available. They can also advise on strategies and work with you and your child to develop new skills that help you deal with specific situations and challenges.

Autism Specific Services - Applied Behaviour Analysis-based Services and Supports

Helps a broad range of children diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder develop skills in key area and address behaviours that interfere with their functioning.

Autism Behavioural Intervention - Intensive Behavioural Intervention

An evidence based treatment approach used to help children diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Central East Autism Program (CEAP) provides Intensive Behavioural Intervention to children who have been diagnosed as having an ASD and who function towards the severe end of the Autism spectrum.

Behaviour Management Services

Provides a range of behavioural services to children who have a developmental disability with a significant cognitive delay and their families. Services include assessment of problem behaviour, treatment recommendations, and teaching, and education for care providers.

Blind Low Vision Program

Supports infants and preschool children who are blind or have low vision, as diagnosed by an Ophthalmologist. The purpose of the program is to ensure that young children who are blind or have low vision and their families will have access to the services necessary to support their child's healthy development in all areas.

Early Years Mental Health

Services are available to families with children up to six (6) years of age who are experiencing significant social, emotional and behavioural difficulties. During a pre-screen / assessment period, our experienced counsellors meet with you to help identify services and supports that are best suited to your child's and family's needs. Services included consultation, in-home support and parenting programs.

Feeding Services

Includes assessment and treatment recommendations for children with feeding difficulties. Feeding assessments may be done by one or multiple team members including Speech-Language Pathologists, Occupational Therapists and/or Dieticians

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Initiative

Works with a range of service providers throughout Simcoe County, including those in the Early Intervention system, who support children and families affected by an alcohol related disorder. Your service provider will share information about the types of resources and services available.

Infant Hearing Program

Provides a range of services to infants and pre-school children including Universal Newborn Hearing Screening for all infants born in the region; specialized Infant Audiological Assessment services for babies requiring follow-up, based on newborn screening results; monitoring of high-risk infants for progressive hearing loss; ongoing Audiology and Communication Development Services for infants and preschool children diagnosed with Permanent Childhood Hearing Impairment; Family Support to provide assistance with issues related to the child's hearing loss.


For infants and children with complex medical needs who require nursing to live at home and reach their optimal level of health and independence. Nurses assist your family with caring for your child at home by assessing medical status, linking with Physicians and teaching your family specific care routines.

Occupational Therapy

Looks at how a child plays, explores, learns and interacts. Occupational Therapists help a child and their family develop the skills needed to successfully participate in their day-to-day activities, at home and in the community.


Looks at your child's motor development (sitting, crawling, walking, jumping) as well as the quality of their movement during play. A Physiotherapist works with your child and family to teach new skills that may be needed to improve your child's movement.

Preschool Speech and Language Program

Speech-Language Pathology looks at how your child plays, communicates and interacts within daily routines and activities at home and in the community. The program helps a child and their family develop the skills needed to promote communication and emergent literacy development.

Psychological Assessment

Assessment and diagnosis for children - up to school entry or age five (5) - with developmental challenges. Children are referred to psychological services due to concerns with the child's cognitive development (thinking and learning). Concerns in other developmental areas including behaviour, social (interacting with others), attention and/or emotional  (feelings) may also be explored.

Respite Care

A family support service that provides funding for temporary relief from the physical and emotional demands involved in caring for a family member who has a disability. Respite Care can be arranged in your family's home, in your care provider's home, or in a community setting.

Social Work

The role of the Social Worker is to provide short-term counselling for parents of children with special needs who are having trouble coping with their situation. Their goal is to promote and support the well being of you and your family.

Specialty Services - Augmentative and Alternative Communication

Supports children who are unable to communicate effectively through speech with the use of gestures, pictures, letters and words, communication boards, books and special devices and computer programs for talking.

Specialty Services - Developmental Assessment

Assessments and consultations for children with complex physical, developmental and behavioural issues who need to obtain a diagnosis and/or need short-term medical management for their condition.

Specialty Services - Feeding Clinic

Assessment and treatment for children with significant feeding and swallowing difficulties that result in poor growth and nutrition.

Specialty Services - Inclusive Recreation

The goal of Inclusive Recreation is to ensure that children with multiple special needs have opportunities to experience the joy of participating in a recreation activity of their choosing in a fun and safe environment.

Specialty Services - Joint Management

Treatment and orthotic devices for children with Cerebral Palsy and other medical conditions that affect the functioning of their muscles and joints.

Specialty Services - Seating and Mobility

Services for children with long-term physical disabilities include the assessment and prescription of seating devices, wheelchairs and other mobility devices like walkers and standers, to provide comfort and to maximize your child's activity and participation levels at home, in pre-school and at play.