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Simcoe County Data Consortium

The Simcoe County Data Consortium is made up of 17 local member organizations representing the sectors of health, child welfare, education, mental health, child development, municipal and social and community development. The Data Consortium meets quarterly throughout the year to:
  • Purchase and facilitate access to social data at the smallest geographies possible
  • Build capacity within the community to analyze community data to be used for better decision making and program planning
  • Communicate and disseminate data in collaborative ways toward common community outcomes

The Simcoe County Data Consortium is part of the Community Data Program, which is made up of a national network of community data consortia across Canada.



For further information please contact Michelle Henderson at 705-722-3132 or 905-729-4514 ext. 1039 or by email at

For more information about Simcoe County Community Local Data and Reports, visit