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June 2015 - Think Organics

Don't be surprised if you receive a knock on your door from our staff over the coming weeks. The purpose of our visit is to gain your feedback as part of our Green Bin Survey so we can learn more about how you use the green bin program and to identify your thoughts on how we can enhance and grow our organic disposal programs. The survey is also available online at www.simcoe.ca/greenbin  

Our County of Simcoe green bin organics program launched in 2008. The program has been widely successful in increasing landfill diversion and has fostered greater environmentally responsible waste habits. Despite our successes, recent curbside waste audits indicate that the amount of organic material captured by the green bin program decreased from 44 per cent in 2012 to 37 per cent in 2015, which means that 63 per cent of all organic material collected is still in the garbage.

In order to show environmental leadership and responsibly manage our own waste, we absolutely need to consider expanding our organics program. Separating organics has a number of benefits.

  • Processed organics produce valuable compost or fertilizer
  • It's a more environmentally responsible way to divert waste
  • Using your green bin helps save landfill capacity for other materials which cannot be recycled or composted
  • Diverting organics through the green bin program helps protect our groundwater resources and reduces harmful greenhouse gas production in our landfills

Given our population growth, and the correlation this will have on the amount of waste we produce in Simcoe County, growing our organics program will play a major role in addressing our waste diversion rate and reducing landfill requirements.  As such, we are working on a project to identify sites, costs and technology considerations which could lead to the development of our own Organics Processing Facility (OPF) as well as a Materials Management Facility (MMF) within Simcoe County.

This process officially started in 2013. Please check out our fast facts for background information about these project or visit the OPF and MMF webpages for full details, timing and information on the process to-date.

Let's move together and be the best environmental stewards we can be. Please continue to divert organics to your green bin and don't' forget to take our Green Bin Survey so we can work together for a greener future.

Enjoy the summer everyone!


Gerry Marshall
Simcoe County Warden