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Pedestrian Signals

​At the County of Simcoe we care about the safety and convenience of both vehicular and pedestrian traffic.  Traffic safety is our main concern at each of the 50 plus traffic signals which we maintain.



At intersections where pushbuttons are provided, pedestrians must push the button and wait for the "WALK" symbol to appear.  The traffic signal is programmed to respond to pedestrian demand and allow for a safe crossing of the intersection.  The "DON'T WALK" or "FLASHING HAND" indication provides sufficient time for pedestrian already crossing the intersection to complete their crossing.

Do NOT begin to cross if the "FLASHING HAND" indication is on, as there may not be sufficient time to cross the intersection safely. 

When no pedestrian pushbuttons are available, the pedestrian sequence is pre-programmed and will appear at the beginning of the green cycle for each direction.  Wait for the "WALK" symbol to appear before beginning your crossing.


Intersection Pedestrian Signals(IPS)

Intersection Pedestrian Signals provide a safety device to assist pedestrians crossing a roadway.  The County currently maintains three IPS's located at County Road 28 and Maple Ave in Minesing, County Road 6 and Concession 5 in Wyevale, and one midblock pedestrian signal located at Killarney Beach Public School located on County Road 39.

An IPS includes:

  • Standard traffic signal indications to control traffic on the main street
  • Standard Pedestrian "WALK", "DON'T WALK" indications, activated by push buttons, for pedestrians wishing to cross the main street.
  • Stop signs for vehicles approaching the intersection from the side street.
The IPS system is distinctly different from a standard set of traffic signals in two ways:
  1. The traffic signal poles and pedestrian indicators are located on one leg of the intersection and pedestrians will only be permitted to cross at that location.
  2. The traffic approaching from the side streets are controlled by a STOP sign, as opposed to a traffic signal.
Vehicles approaching from the side streets are be permitted to turn onto the main street after coming to a COMPLETE STOP and ONLY WHEN it is CLEAR and SAFE to do so, YIELDING the right-of-way to both PEDESTRIANS crossing the main street as well as vehicles travelling along the main street.