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Rider Etiquette

​​​​​Rider Information

Riding with Simcoe County LINX means you're sharing space with other passengers and our operators. Here are some basic transit rider and etiquette tips to help make everyone's trip as enjoyable as possible.​



Bags and BackpacksBags and Backpacks<p>​Passengers with bags or backpacks are asked to be considerate of other passengers while manoeuvring on and off the bus. While seated, bags should be held on the passenger's lap. Bags, backpacks and other personal items may not occupy a seat or block aisles and exits.</p>
Buggies and Large ArticlesBuggies and Large Articles<p>​When there is space and when other passengers will not be affected, shopping buggies and other large articles may be allowed on the bus at the operator's discretion. The operator has the authority to refuse such objects at any time that he/she feels safety may be compromised.</p>
Courtesy and Priority SeatingCourtesy and Priority Seating<p>Seating areas at the front of the bus on either side of the aisle are designated for passengers with greater need of a seat. It is a requirement under the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA).</p><p><strong>Priority Seating</strong></p><p><strong><img src="/Transit/PublishingImages/priority.jpg" alt="" style="margin:5px;" /></strong> </p><p>Priority Seating is for the use of passengers with a disability. These seats are located close to the front of the vehicle. Customers are expected to respect and obey the purpose of the designated seating area, which means: if you are sitting in one of these designated seats, you MUST vacate the seat for a passenger with a disability. </p><p><strong>Please note:</strong></p><ul style="list-style-type:disc;"><li>A person with a disability occupying a Priority seat is not required to move for another customer with a disability. Use of these seats is on a first come-first served basis.</li><li>You are not required or expected to leave a transit vehicle in order to make room for a customer with a disability.</li><li>Bus drivers/operators will not intervene to enforce the requirement. We ask, however, that you show consideration for those whose need is greater than your own.</li></ul><p><strong>Courtesy Seating</strong></p><p><img src="/Transit/PublishingImages/courtesy.jpg" alt="" style="margin:5px;" /> </p><p>Courtesy Seating is intended to provide additional seating for people who will benefit from having a seat near the front of the vehicle including:</p><ul style="list-style-type:disc;"><li>seniors</li><li>expectant mothers</li><li>adults traveling with infants or small children, or</li><li>any other passenger who may benefit from a seat</li></ul><p>If you are sitting in one of these designated seats, please respect its purpose and give up your seat to those who need it.</p><p><strong>Please note:</strong></p><p>Drivers/operators will not enforce this requirement or intervene in any dispute related to Courtesy Seating. We ask, however, that you respect this designated seating area and show consideration for those whose need is greater than your own.</p>
Dangerous Items, Materials or Carrying ContainersDangerous Items, Materials or Carrying Containers<p>​For the safety of the public, firearms and other weapons are not permitted on County of Simcoe Transit vehicles, shelters or stops. Toxic, flammable or hazardous substances or materials are not permitted with the exception of medically necessary materials. Individuals found with these items in their possession may be asked to leave the bus or County of Simcoe Transit property. If the item is deemed as a threat to others, the proper authorities will be notified.</p>
Food and BeveragesFood and Beverages<p>​If you are going to eat or drink while riding Linx, please be tidy and take your garbage with you to properly dispose of in a garbage or recycling bin. Alcoholic beverages are prohibited on the bus and in all Transit shelters.</p>
Keep Aisles ClearKeep Aisles Clear<p>​Travelling with bags, parcels, laptops, strollers or other items is acceptable on Linx, but please remember to keep them tucked away as much as possible to keep aisles clear so people can move through the bus safely and easily. Please keep free seats clear of items and available for someone to use.</p>
Linx Bike and RideLinx Bike and Ride<p>Bike racks are available on all Linx buses. They're free, easy to use and have instruction labels to help you load your bike, but before you use the bike rack please familiarize yourself with the instructions below.</p><p>Before the bus arrives, please remove any loose items from your bike such as water bottle or bike lock. Wait for the bus at the designated bus stop. Alert the bus operator that you want to load or unload your bike. Allow other passengers to unload their bike before loading yours. If there are no other bicycles on the rack, use the space closest to <span style="font-size:1em;">the bus.</span></p><h3>Bicycle Eligibility:<br></h3><p><span data-contrast="auto" lang="EN-CA">The LINX’s bicycle rack has a max capacity of tw​o bicycles, which cannot exceed 65 inches wide individually. Tire width cannot exceed 2.3 inches. Bicycles must have wheel sizes that fit within 20 to 29 inches and a wheel base up to 44 inches. Bicycles may weigh up to 55 lbs.  </span><span data-ccp-props="{"201341983":0,"335559739":160,"335559740":259}"> </span>​<br></p><h3>Loading the rack:<br></h3><p>While holding your bike with one hand, squeeze the handle to release the latch and lower the rack. Place the wheels in the wheel slots (a label tells you where the front wheel goes). Steady the bike, and raise the support arm over the front tire as high as it will go, but not over the frame or fender. <em>Note: You are responsible for properly securing your bike to the rack. Please do not chain or lock your bike to the rack.</em></p><h3>Unloading the rack:</h3><p>To unload your bike, raise the support arm off the tire and move it down and out of the way. Lift your bike from the rack. If the rack is empty, and no one else is waiting to load a bike, fold up the rack until it locks in place. Carry your bike off the roadway to the sidewalk. Signal to the operator that you are clear of the bus.<br></p><p><br></p><p>Click image for more information regarding <a href="/Transit/Documents/LINX%20-%20Bike%20Racks.pdf" target="_blank">LINX Bike Racks</a>​:<br></p><p><a href="/Transit/Documents/LINX%20-%20Bike%20Racks.pdf" target="_blank"><img src="/Transit/PublishingImages/LINX%20-%20Bike%20Racks.jpg" alt="" style="margin:5px;width:614px;" /></a><br></p><p><br></p>
Lost and FoundLost and Found<p> All lost items that are found by transit staff will be kept up to 30 days. If you believe you lost an item on the bus, contact County of Simcoe at 705-735-6901.</p><p>Linx is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged SC Linx Cards. The owner is responsible for replacing these items at their expense.​</p>
NoiseNoise<p>Talking on your cell phone is acceptable behaviour while riding the bus, but keeping your conversation quiet means you aren't sharing it with the rest of the bus. For your own privacy and for the courtesy of other passengers, please keep your voice quiet.</p><p>Passengers using audio/visual equipment are asked to use earphones and adjust the volume accordingly so as to not disturb other passengers or the operator, and as determined by the operator.</p>
OperatorOperator<p>Exercise courtesy towards the driver and passengers alike. Refrain from engaging the driver in unnecessary chit-chat when the bus is in motion. Do not 'hover' behind or beside the driver's seated area.</p><p>Operators have the authority to deny passengers the right to board vehicles or remove any passenger who may be causing a disturbance or damaging the vehicle.</p>