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​​​​​How to use the LINX Card - Tap On, Tap-Off!!

How to reload my card?​

​About the Linx Card

The Linx fare card is a reusable plastic smart card that will make paying your fares faster, easier, and more secure. The Linx card will be accepted on the County of Simcoe Transit services including Linx conventional buses and Linx Plus+ specialized buses. 

The Linx fare card has many benefits, including saving money on fares, the convenience to add value on your card in person or online, balance protection when registered to ensure your money is safe if your card is ever lost or stolen and auto load features to suit your needs.

To save money, use the LINX Card on the bus, the Adult fare will be discounted 10% and Seniors/Students will receive a discounted 15% from the cash fare. The discount will be applied every time you use the card.

There are two types of cards, Adult or Student / Senior. Ensure you have the appropriate Card, Adult or Student / Senior.

The Student / Senior card is for Elementary School, High School, College and University Students and you must have valid student identification. Valid identification must be presented every time you board the bus. Seniors are who are those 65 years and older.

When you're ready to ride, simply tap the Linx Card on the reader located at the front of the bus, hold for the beep and be on your way.

Get your Linx Card

The Simcoe County Linx fare card is free!

Get your Linx Card at the following locations:

  • County of Simcoe – Administration Centre – 1110 Highway 26, Midhurst
  • Or on the Linx bus

Load your Card

Once you have your Adult or Student/Senior Linx card, you can load funds onto the card. Transit money loading can either be done with cash or through the Linx web site at www.linx.simcoe.ca with a Visa or MasterCard or on the Linx bus.

To load the Linx card by using cash in person visit the following locations:

  • County of Simcoe – Administration Centre – 1110 Highway 26, Midhurst (Cash or Credit Card)

To load the Linx card by using a credit card, visit https://simco​e.usetransit.com/#/login and under the fare information tab, go to the section Reload my card. The first time you load the card, you will need the Linx Card with the Linx Card number and Activation Code number on the back of the card and a credit card (Visa or MasterCard). 

Under Reload my card, register your card and funds can be loaded in amounts ranging from $12.00 to $100.00.

To load on the bus, you will need the correct card and $20.00 cash only payment.  No credit card payments on the bus.  Let the driver know you want to load the card with cash, they will give you instructions to deposit the $20.00 into the farebox and tap and hold your card to load the money to the Linx Card.  You now have $20.00 on your Linx card!

Use your Linx Card

On the Bus -Tap Your Card

After funds have been loaded to the card, you're ready to ride. Student must present valid ID to use the Student Card. Tap and Hold your card on the fare validator when boarding the bus. At the end of your trip, you can tap off by holding the card on the fare validator.  You can tap off either at the front or at the back door of the bus.

Remember to Tap ON and Tap OFF

Note: If you fail to tap off you will be charge the maximum fare for that route.

Each time you tap your card, the system deducts the appropriate fare from the balance stored on your card.

The type of card you have determines how much will be deducted from your card.

Registering my Linx Card 

If you lose your Linx Card, it will be easier for us to get it back to you if we find it. Also, we can de-activate your lost card and move the balance over to a new card.

How to register your card 

  • Online
    To register your card online, go to https://simco​e.usetransit.com/#/login  and create an account by clicking the Register button. Once registered, the LINX card may be added by selecting (+) Link and Existing Smart Card.

Benefits of registering you Linx card

Registering your card allows you to secure your balance in case your card is lost or stolen. Report your card lost or stolen as soon as possible and your card will be deactivated. Your balance will be protected, and can be transferred to a replacement card. A fee for replacement may apply. 

Replacement cards are available from the County of Simcoe – Administration Centre at 111​​0 Highway 26. Please contact Customer Service to have your card deactivated and the balance transferred. 

Money on Unregistered cards cannot be transfered.

Replacing your card

Once your card has been blocked, it cannot be used again. You will have to get a replacement card and transfer any stored value to your new card. Replacement cards could be subject to an issuing fee. You will need to provide proof of identification in order to transfer your balance to a new card.  

​Legal terms and Conditions

To view the terms and conditions regarding the Linx Card, please click here