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Place your GREEN CART OUT WEEKLY on your regular collection day by 7 am
​For a full list of what is acceptable in your organics cart click here


To ensure collection, place your cart:​

  • with arrows facing the street (handles towards your house)
  • 2 feet apart from other cart or any other object
  • within 8 feet from the travelled portion of the road 
  • Organics carts have a gravity-locking lid (if you have issues with animals/wildlife getting into your waste carts, leave in the locked position, it will open automatically when dumped)
  • Old green bins can be repurposed for​ to contain household items like pet food or sidewalk salt​​
Organics 101:
  • Discard plastic packaging from food first and place in your kitchen bin
  • Empty kitchen bin often (into organics cart) and rinse to prevent insects and odours
  • Use paper or certified compostable bags, when buying the bags, look for these symbols:           compostable logos
  • Pet waste, kitty litter and animal bedding belongs in the green cart. It MUST BE BAGGED using paper or certified compostable bags.​

a mouse on top of a cat on top of a dog

Pee pads garbage as they are made of synthetic Kitty litter must be contained in paper or certified compostable bags Litter tray are garbage  

Pet waste should be put into the organics cart ​as the high technology processing system utilized by the County can safely manage pet waste. Please do not place pet waste in a backyard composter or directly apply to gardens as it contains bacteria. The backyard composting process does not reach the temperatures required to kill harmful bacteria.

Lear​n more about our proposed Organics Processing Facility

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