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How are waste management costs recovered?

​December 2012

Curbside Waste-Cost Recovery

County Council directed on November 27, 2012, that the previous separate County Waste Levy for curbside waste collections will be discontinued in favour of adding these costs directly into the County Levy for 2013 and beyond.

Total costs for waste collection in the County of Simcoe for 2013 are down compared to 2012 in major part due to a new contract signed with BFI Canada Inc. The new contract standardizes the level of waste collection services for all residences in the County of Simcoe, as opposed to residents receiving different services and paying different rates depending on where they live.

What does this mean to me as a property owner?

  • Curbside Solid Waste Management Services will now be charged based on property assessment. This is the same taxation methodology used by the County of Simcoe to raise funds for almost all municipal services.

  • Currently eight of our 16 member municipalities already base their taxation on this methodology; however, the other eight municipalities currently charge on a unit basis with a separate line item for curbside waste management costs. In 2013 and beyond, this separate levy will no longer exist, as the costs for curbside Solid Waste Management services will be combined in the County Levy based on property assessment. Costs for curbside waste collection can still be isolated for reporting purposes.

How much of my taxes are going to curbside waste collection costs?

  • The curbside waste management costs make up 14.9% of the overall County Levy. You can calculate the exact portion of your taxes funding curbside waste collection by taking 14.9% of the total County Levy you are assessed on your 2013 taxes. The 2013 cost will be $47.08 for $100,000 of assessement. This cost is the same in any part of the County when comparing assessments of equal value.

Who will be paying for this service?

  • All property classes will be paying the costs of this service based on the assessed value of the property.

  • Only accessible properties with improvements, such as a house or business on the property, however are able to utilize this service. For example, empty lots, houses on islands, properties without safe road access, or apartment-style buildings will not be serviced. Each property must adhere to the limits and regulations prescribed by County Council.

Another way to look at the County Levy based on your assessment:

  • In 2012, the average cost per unit County wide for waste collection was $164.75.

  • In 2013, the average estimated cost per unit County wide is $139.13 primarily due to cost savings with the new County-wide collection contract

  • In 2012, the average single-family house assessed value is estimated to be $270,000. Using the new assessment method the curbside waste collection cost for this assessed value will be $127.12. Properties assessed higher than this will pay an increased amount. Similarly, properties assessed lower will pay less.