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Bi-Weekly Recycling

Safety measures for curbside collection have been put into effect to ensure the wellbeing of our waste collection operators and limit the spread of COVID-19. Click here for more information.

​RECYCLING AND GARBAGE ARE COLLECTED BI-WEEKLY ON ALTERNATING WEEKS, while green bin collection will continue weekly.

Place recycling to the curb by 7 a.m. on your bi-weekly collection day (see or print off your​ collection schedule​).

  • See a full list of what can and cannot be recycled.

  • Paper and containers no longer need to be separated.
  • Extra/overflow recycling may be put into a cardboard box or clear bag. If using Do not overload recycling boxes. If using cardboard to contain extra recycling, dimensions must not exceed 75cm x 75 cm x 91 cm.  To reduce wind-blown litter, boxes may be stacked.
  • Rinse food residue from containers and remove and include lids. Containers should be placed loose in the recycling box. Cardboard should be flattened and tied into bundles (max. 75 cm x 75 cm x 20 cm).

Can't find an item? Search our Waste Wizard​
To see your customized collection schedule and receive notifications directly download the free Simcoe County Collects app: