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December 2023 Waste Collection Schedule Changes

New Zone Schedule

​​​The Ontario Government is implementing NEW Producer Responsibility legislation that makes producers of blue cart packaging and paper products responsible for managing and paying for the entire life cycle of the products they produce. ​

The County's recycling program transitions to this model effective January 1, 2024. As a result, we've had to make some adjustments to our collection schedule for approximately half of the County's households to avoid larger collection impacts. 

To accommodate the shift to the County is implementing zones for curbside cart collection. In our modified zone system, all serviced units/households will be in either zone one or zone two for curbside cart collections and all special collections such as leaf and yard waste.

What changes?

  • Serviced units in Zone 1 WILL NOT be impacted by this change. They will continue on the existing bi-weekly rotation with NO change.
  • Serviced units in Zone 2 WILL BE impacted temporarily as they transition to their new bi-weekly schedule. Serviced units in Zone 2 will have TWO consecutive recycling collection weeks (November 27-30 and December 4-7). These households are permitted one addit​ional garbage bag (to be placed beside their cart) on their next garbage week (December 11-14).

 What doesn't change?

  • Your collection day of the week does NOT change for any household – continue to set carts out (depending on your zone rotation) on your current collection day.
  • Bi-weekly cart rotation (one week is garbage and organics collection, the next week is recycling and organics collection) does NOT change but your cart set out rotation will adjust if you are in zone 2 (as noted above). 
  • The County's contracted vehicles and high quality levels of service does NOT change!

How do I determine my new zone?

Residents can determine their new zone by one of the following options:


  • If you download the Simcoe County Collects App, there is no need to remember your zone, it will do this for you! To view your customized schedule, download the app and/or sign up for notifications, click here.


  • Click here ​to view map
  • To look up your address, enter your address in the search bar at the top and select your property from the automated list
  • Click inside your property boundary on the map
  • The pop-up indicates your waste collection day and your new zone
  • Call Service Simcoe if you need help to find your zone at 1-800-263-3199 or email service@simcoe.ca

Additional Communications:

  • In mid-November all households moving to Zone Two only will receive a direct mailer further updating you about this change. Note: lease or rental tenants should confirm with their landlords directly as communication are being sent to all known property owners.
  • The 2024 Solid Waste Management Calendar will be sent in November with the updates to the zones and December month included​

Why is this change in schedule necessary for some households?

​​With the Ontario Government's implementation NEW Producer Responsibility legislation, Circular Materials Ontario (CMO), the organization acting on behalf of producers to set up the new blue cart collection system in Simcoe County, has contracted their own transfer facility to transfer blue cart recycling material only. This means that the County's cart collection trucks will be required to visit two different drop off/transfer locations, one for recycling (managed by CMO) and one for organics (managed by the County). To avoid larger impacts to collections cycles, the County has introduced new zones and altered the cart collection set out rotation for Zone Two households (as noted above).