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Why build a facility in the County of Simcoe?

County Council is committed to finding alternative solutions to developing landfills in the County and effectively managing our divertible material in a fiscally and environmentally responsible manner. The proposed Organics Processing Facility (OPF) aligns with this strategy and expands our ability to manage our own waste. Benefits include:

  • Local, long-term solution to securely and responsibly manage our own organic waste
  • Production of nutrient-rich compost or fertilizer to enhance local soil conditions and support growing initiatives
  • Reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by shortening haulage distances
  • Environmental leadership by investing in diversion
  • Ability to increase diversion by adding materials to our green bin program such as pet waste, and in the long-term diapers
  • Creation of local employment opportunities
  • Operational flexibility and ability to adapt to growth and expansion of services
  • Better control of processing costs and long-term cost savings