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What is the Mobile Education Unit (MEU)

The MEU features various interactive stations consisting of a total of six 24-inch touch screens and eight digital photo screens.

The Green GroceryThe first interactive station is the 'Green Grocery’ this game teaches the importance of making the choices which benefit our environment at point of purchase.

Smart's HomeThe second interactive station is the 'Smart’s Home' during this game participants will learn the importance of recycling in the different areas of the home.

Lifecycle LaneThe third station is 'Lifecycle Lane' where information is provided on the lifecycle of common recyclable items and organic materials, as well as disposal information and the values of waste reduction and diversion.

Waste PlantThe fourth station is the 'Waste Plant', in this activity, various waste items move across a virtual conveyor belt with the player required to drag and drop the material into the proper bins at the bottom of the screen.

Sounds exciting doesn’t it.

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