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Clothing Collection

Textile Collection Logo Pink Simcoe CountyIf you already donate used clothing please continue to do so. Alternatively, help us keep textiles out of the garbage.

Watch for bags in your mail. Sealed bags must be out on your regular collection day at 7 a.m. of your specific weekClick here to determine your week.

Extra material must be in clear plastic bags. All bags must be well sealed and materials must be dry and clean. The County reserves the right to refuse collection if improperly set-out or over-weight (20 kg).



Is This Program Available to all Residents?Is This Program Available to all Residents?<p>If you receive County waste collection service you are eligible. This program does not apply for residents of Barrie and Orillia.​</p>
Where Do Textiles Go After Collection?Where Do Textiles Go After Collection?<p>All textiles are sent to a facility for sorting/grading, some are sent for reuse in Ontario and overseas. Some of the material is made into rags and acoustic fill. 98% of material collected is able to be reused/recycled. </p>
Unacceptable ItemsUnacceptable Items<blockquote dir="ltr" style="margin-right:0px;"><p>• Damp/ wet items<br>• Single shoes, socks or mittens<br>• Dirty items<br>• Small fabric scraps<br>• Garbage</p></blockquote>
Acceptable ItemsAcceptable Items<h3>Materials must be DRY and odour free</h3><blockquote dir="ltr" style="margin-right:0px;"><p>• Textiles placed out for collection may be torn, unfashionable, stained, and have buttons missing or broken zippers <br>• Used clean clothing and undergarments<br>• Towels and linens (pillows)<br>• Coats and outerwear<br>• Hats, belts and scarves<br>• Purses, backpacks, sleeping bags and luggage<br>• Shoes, socks and mittens in pairs (wrap with elastic to hold together)</p></blockquote>