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How to Avoid Odours and Pests

  1. Use certified compostable bags to line green bin and mini bins
  2. Keep bins shut when not in use
  3. Empty bins often (3-5 times a week and always before holidays and weekends)
  4. Do not store organics in the school; deposit into temporary depot bins to be taken immediately outside to store until collection day
  5. Clean bins regularly
  6. Incorporate paper towel waste (or shredded paper) into your green bins to help absorb moisture
  7. Be sure to empty liquids before placing into bins (and discard straws)
  8. Use clips or elastics (#24-6, item #17855 Staples) to keep compostable bags from falling down
  9. use larger green bins in areas of higher volume (ie: staff rooms or washrooms)
  10. Use the County-provided locks for outdoor storage containers (recycling and organics) to avoid illegal dumping or vandalism