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Was a business case completed for the OPF?

Yes – beginning with a viability assessment for an organics processing facility undertaken in 2012. It concluded that given the County's tonnages, development of a facility would be a viable option. As technology for processing organics varies widely, site-specific costs to develop a facility at 2976 Horseshoe Valley Road West, Springwater, will be determined through a procurement process. This process will allow vendors to submit proposals with detailed costing once site conditions are understood.

To begin this process, a Request for Information seeking information on organics management options was undertaken and the results recently presented in a Preliminary Business Case for the OPF. This report, completed by Ernst & Young, recommended that development of a County-owned facility continue – noting that the OPF could provide a solution that is advantageous, comparably low risk, financially viable, and in alignment with the County's objectives. Following the Planning process, procurement of technology will continue with a final business case presented for County Council's consideration and direction.