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Is an Environmental Assessment required?

No. However, from the outset, these projects have been approached with an understanding of the sensitive nature of siting waste management facilities. Although an EA is not required, the County has developed these projects with this framework in mind, which has included undertaking a comprehensive siting and consultation process.

Under the Ontario Environmental Assessment Act, an EA is required if more than 1,000 tonnes per day of residual waste is transferred from the site for final disposal. This is based on the design capacity of the facility. With anticipated growth over a 30-year design period, it is estimated the County will manage approximately 435 tonnes/day of waste for final disposal (for a combined facility in 2048). This is well below the 1,000 tonnes/day trigger outlined in the Act. Furthermore, these projections do not take into account any further increases in diversion (from the addition of pet waste and diapers, for example), which would actually lower the projected tonnes of waste for final disposal.