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Environmental Resource Recovery Centre


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Faced with rising haulage and processing costs, growing amounts of waste and organics, new provincial waste regulations, and a commitment to divert waste from landfill, we're planning to manage your waste differently by building our own Environmental Resource Recovery Centre (ERRC).

What is the ERRC?

It is NOT a landfill. This facility will house combined organics processing and a materials transfer areas among other County services.

Why build this facility?

Currently our waste/organics transfer and processing services are primarily contracted. For instance, green bin material is shipped to Hamilton for processing. This limits the County's ability to adapt to changes in the way we manage waste, change programs to increase diversion, and manage efficiencies and service costs. This facility will offer a solution to securely manage our own waste, control costs, and help to reduce waste disposal by creating our own processing capacity. It's the future of waste management.

Organics Processing

A closed-loop, circular-economy solution where organics (green bin material and potentially materials such as leaf and yard waste, pet waste, and diapers) are processed and converted into resources such as compost or fertilizer.
  • allows for acceptance of more materials into our green bin program
  • reduces emissions from hauling organics outside the County for processing
  • flexibility to respond to population growth and more green bin tonnage
  • production of valuable end products such as compost or fertilizer
  • helps us adapt to provincial legislation

Materials Management

A location where waste from multiple collection vehicles is consolidated and transferred. This allows for cost-effective shipment to other processing/disposal locations.

  • allows us to better manage our own waste
  • savings over contracted transfer costs
  • provides operational efficiencies and centralized management

Other Services

  • truck servicing facility
  • public education centre
  • administration centre
  • potential future Materials Recovery Facility