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Disposing of Household Hazardous Waste Guide

For safe and easy transport

When preparing your household hazardous waste for safe and easy transport, please keep in mind the following:

  • All materials should be left in the original containerPicture of household hazardous waste for easy identification
  • Do not mix products together
  • Wastes should be sealed and labelled
  • Collect household batteries in a small bag, plastic container or coffee can. If you have 9-Volt batteries please cover the terminals with electrical tape prior to storage and store them in a cool, dry location and away from flammable material
  • Needles must be placed in a biohazard container before disposal at one of the County HHW locations. Biohazard containers can be picked up at all HHW depots prior to drop-off
  • Gas cans cannot be returned

Drop-off Procedure

  • Upon arrival to the waste management facility, proceed to the scale house and advice the clerk you have HHW material, please remain in your vehicle at all times
  •  Follow the signs to the HHW depot and drive to the HHW unloading area
  •  Walk your material to collection table and wait for assistance, you must check-in with the attendant for them to receive the materials
  • Please sign the HHW material sheet and drive back to the scale house if you have not already checked out
  • For commercial household hazardous waste different rules apply