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Rose Street Social and Community Services and Affordable Housing Development Project

​​​BREAKING! County Council has approved mixed-use housing of 176 rental apartments to be built on Rose Street in Barrie. 

This development will include diverse housing types, including rent-geared-to income, affordable housing and units for the "missin​g middle", as well as space for social, health and community partners. Staff will continue to look for opportunities for more units. Community consultation will occur as the process continues.  

This is just more way that the County is #BuildingUp our communities. See the rendering of the proposed housing development set for completion in 2026/2027 below. ​For more details and images, read the report and check out the renderings.​​


​​​Temporary Short-Term Use of the Site

Temporary Shelter closing April 30, 2023 for the season; summer and fall programming to be announced

Temporary Shelter Image - Main.jpg

For winter 2022, the County of Simcoe, working collaboratively with the City of Barrie, identified 20 Rose Street as a site for a temporary shelter facility to increase the number of overnight shelter beds available to homeless individuals during the coldest months of the year. This is to ensure that the community’s most vulnerable population is able to find warm, dry, and safe shelter during the coldest nights of the year. It is not intended to be a permanent location for this shelter. The modular nature of this structure will enable the County to transport and use the building in other locations, should needs arise in the future.​ Long term, this site will serve as an affordable housing development with other supports and services available, pending approvals. 

When will this temporary shelter begin operating?

The temporary shelter began operations on December 23, 2022. It is operated by The Busby Centre, an organization that provides shelter and outreach services to individuals and families in the City of Barrie.​

How long is this temporary shelter expected to be at the Rose Street site?

This facility will be removed from the Rose Street site in Spring 2024.

Is there security on site?

The County has also arranged for on-site security during operating hours when the shelter is open and periodic site checks during non-operating hours.

What are the hours of operation?

Nightly operating hours are early evening (until April 30th, 2023) to mid-morning, 7 days/week​

Who can I call to find out more about this temporary shelter or get assistance?

If residents have questions about the temporary shelter, please reach out to the County of Simcoe Community Services department at (705) 722-3132, extension 1470 or the Busby Centre, directly. They can be reached at 705-739-6916​.

For questions about the long-term use of the site, please contact us at SCHCBarrieDev@simcoe.ca​.​


March 21, 2023:

​The County of Simcoe would like to advise that the temporary homeless shelter, located at 20 Rose Street in Barrie, is winding down and will be operating at reduced capacity. Over the coming weeks, current shelter users will continue to be assisted in finding permanent housing options, or, as necessary, further supported through the permanent shelter system until it ceases operations on April 30, 2023. Read the media advisory here​.

December 22, 2022:

The County of Simcoe is pleased to announce that the temporary homeless shelter, located at 20 Rose Street in Barrie, will open Friday, December 23. The City has issued the final occupancy permit to the County, and the County is working with the Busby Centre, which will operate shelter services, to begin sheltering residents. The County has also arranged for on-site security during operating hours when the shelter opens and periodic site checks during non-operating hours.

December 2, 2022: 

The County of Simcoe and the City of Barrie have announced that the temporary homeless shelter building arrived at the Rose Street location in Barrie. The County and the City continue to work collaboratively to ensure that the homeless shelter is available for the coldest months ahead. This temporary initiative is funded by the County of Simcoe with a contribution from the City of Barrie. ​(link to joint release​)

July 29, 2022

With the temporary emergency motel shelter model ending on July 31, 2022, the County reported that appropriate temporary and permanent housing options have been identified for individuals willing to be housed within the homelessness prevention services system. The County of Simcoe identified the Rose Street site for a temporary shelter to address the needs of unhoused individuals in the Barrie area. (link to news release)​

Long-Term Use

About the Rose Street project in Barrie​

2021 update:

​The conceptual site plan for the development in Barrie, as shown above, illustrates the conceptual layout to accommodate a 150-unit building with a mix of one, two, and three bedroom units. 

The purpose of the conceptual site plan and building elevations is to illustrate the site's potential and capacity and does not predetermine the details of construction materials and final design. It should also be noted that the full landscape plan has not been determined in this initial phase. The full detailed and comprehensive landscape plan will be developed as part of the formal design process. 

In the site plan pictured, the building is proposed to be designed as two wings; eight and ten storeys respectively. The building also contains ground floor and second floor commercial space for a County Social and Community Services office including Ontario Works, Children Services, and Housing offices. This co-location builds on both the financial advantages as well as a client-centred approach, which has demonstrated success in the Collingwood development project, as well as being planned as a best practice in both the Orillia and Bradford West Gwillimbury developments. The ground floor commercial space may contain other agencies such as licensed child care or other compatible social service providers, pending further design details and discussions with community partners. 

The completion of planning approvals takes time and it is fiscally prudent to ensure land use permissions are in place prior to completing detailed design. Pre-development planning approvals, including preliminary and schematic design, will enable a shovel ready development site and inform construction cost estimates for this project.

The 1.9-hectare (4.7 acre) site is in a central location in the built-up urban setting with access to commercial amenities, schools, transit and pedestrian connectivity. It is anticipated that a combination of outdoor parking and an above ground parking structure will be required to accommodate parking requirements for the site. 

Note: Based on the preliminary review of the City of Barrie's Official Plan and Comprehensive Zoning Bylaw, the property is designated and zoned 'Institutional'. Land use approvals may be required to permit a mixed-use residential building on this site. 

Strategic Alignment  

The proposed development is in alignment with the County of Simcoe 10-Year Affordable Housing and Homelessness Prevention Strategy. This project will achieve a significant portion of the affordable housing area targets identified in the 10-Year Affordable Housing and Homelessness Prevention Strategy, as well as the City of Barrie's Affordable Housing Strategy, which cites the need to encourage, stimulate and increase the supply and range of affordable housing options to meet the needs of residents, at all income levels and stages of life.

Well-designed housing provides safety, health and affordability. It further represents an investment in our community and sense of place. Affordable housing created through the proposed development will increase the opportunity for low-to-moderate income households, as well as some specific vulnerable individuals, to access housing with dignity.

Rose Street Project Quick Facts:

  • Existing aged structures were demolished by the end of 2021 to ensure safety of the community while reducing maintenance costs for an empty building
  • County staff have initiated the pre-development planning approvals process in 2022, as contained in the draft 2022 County budget
  • If approved by Council, this will enable full design to be completed in 2023
  • If all schematic design and costing is approved by Council in late 2022 or early 2023, this will enable an anticipated construction start in the spring of 2024

For answers to frequently asked questions, view our FAQ

Contact Information

If you have any further questions in regards to the Rose Street Social and Community Services and Affordable Housi​ng Development Project​, please contact us at SCHCBarrieDev@simcoe.ca​.​

Updates ​​

April 11, 2023

​County of Simcoe Committee of the Whole received report (Item CCW 2023-061) proposing three options for the Rose Street development. Option 3 was tentatively approved, with the final consideration scheduled for April 25, 2023 at the regular Council meeting.

October 26, 2021

County of Simcoe Committee of the Whole received report (Item CCW 2021-325) pertaining to the Rose Street Development

June 22, 2021

20 Rose Street, Barrie, purchased from Infrastructure Ontario as directed by County Council with the intention to demolish existing aged structures

October 10, 2017

Staff sought land opportunities in Barrie to consolidate operations in parallel with sale of scattered units. The land at 20 Rose Street was identified to be of adequate size to accommodate development including a mix of Affordable and Social Housing, Ontario Works, Children Services, and potentially other social and community supportive uses. Additionally, the site was deemed to be in close proximity to public transit and within reasonable walking distance to downtown services and commercial shopping.