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About Procurement

The Mission of the Procurement Team
The County of Simcoe Procurement Team delivers reliable services in a professional and ethical manner, maintains a fair, open, transparent and straightforward acquisition process, while fostering productive relationships with our stakeholders.

The Role of the Procurement Team
The role of procurement in government has changed. With less revenue and more needs, governments throughout our Country are looking at procurement professionals to provide more value by being fully involved in the entire procurement process from the initial budgeting and planning stages to the asset disposal activity. The Procurement Team at the County is assertively engaged in this evolutionary process.  

The Procurement Team  is a strategic partner, facilitating value-added procurement for every user-division. To that end, we assist with project management and collaborate as business consultants to our customers. 

The scope and complexity of our procured goods and services is extensive and includes road salt, printing services, office supplies and furniture, computers and communications technology, equipment, vehicles, medical supplies, linens, food services, bulk mail delivery, clothing, road paving and paint, and sometimes even the kitchen sink! The list is endless.

Some of the key objectives of the Procurement Team are as follows:

  1. Procure the necessary quality and quantity of goods and/or services in an efficient, timely and cost effective manner, while maintaining the controls necessary for a public institution, in accordance with the Purchasing Policies as approved by Council.
  2. Encourage the most open, competitive bidding process practicable for the acquisition and disposal of goods and/or services, and the objective and equitable treatment of all vendors.
  3. Ensure the maximum value of an acquisition is obtained by determining the total cost of performing the intended function over the lifetime of the task. This may include, but not be limited to, acquisition cost, installation, disposal value, disposal cost, training cost, maintenance cost, quality of performance and environmental impact.  

As professionals we are members of  the following Associations:    

Membership has its rewards! By participating in the above agencies, our team maintains a strong network of communication with other procurement professionals and ensures that we remain on the leading edge!