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Township of Tiny Official Plan

​​​Approval: Township of Tiny OP McMahan Woods Non-Decision, CCW 2021-267

​​​​​​​Notice of Decision - August 17, 2021​​

County Staff Report:

CCW-2021-267 - Township of Tiny OP Non-Decision

Schedule 1 to CCW 2021-267

Schedule 2 to CCW 2021-267

Schedule 3 to CCW 2021-267

Schedule 4 to CCW 2021-267​​

Schedule 5 to CCW 2021-267​​

​Approval: Township of Tiny Adopted Official Plan, CCW 2021-015

Notice of Decision - February 02, 2021​

County Staff Report:

CCW 2021-015

Schedule 1 to CCW 2021-015 - Township of Tiny OP as Adopted by Township

Schedule 2 to CCW 2021-015 - Proposed Modifications by the County

Schedule 3 to CCW 2021-015​ - Township of Tiny OP​ as Approved by County

Schedule 4 to CCW 2021-015​​ - Comment Matrix

Ontario Land Tribunal (OLT)

OLT Appeal Notices:

The County of Simcoe received one appeal to its Decision to approve the Township of Tiny Official Plan. The OLT confirmed that the Notice of Appeal was valid and the OLT Case was applied with File Number PL210153. The lands subject to the appeal are specifically identified on the linked ​map​​. The OLT Contact is Ryan Co, Case Coordinator, Planner who can be reached by phone at 437-217-9883 or by email at ryan.co@ontario.ca​All notices of hearings and decisions of the OLT will be posted to the OLT website​.

OLT Hearing Event Information:

PL210153 - OLT Notice Case Management Conference​​ - April 6, 2021

PL210153 - OLT Notice of Direction CMC  - April 6​​​, 2021

PL210153 - OLT CMC Memo of Oral Decision - June 25, 2021

PL210153 - Notice of Case Management Conference Teleconference - October 12, 2021

PL210153 - McMahan Tiny OP Decision - October 25, 2021

OLT-21-001382 - Notice of Case Management Conference - November 26, 2021​

OLT-21-001382 - Letter and Notice of Case Management Conference​ - November 26, 2021

Please note that the new OLT Case Number Reference is ​OLT-21-001382​