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Natural Heritage System Review and Refinement Update


​The following updated documents have been prepared in relation to the Provincial Natural Heritage System Review and Refinement​:

​       (Additions are shown in blue hatching and removals are shown in pink hatching)​​



The refinement of the Growth Plan NHS can only be based on the following Criteria:

  1. Minor, technical adjustments (to account for distortion from map projections, discrepancies based on map scales);
  2. Addition of natural features continuous with the boundary of the provincially mapped NHS (in these cases the NHS will be extended to include a 30 metre vegetation protection zone beyond the edge of the feature);
  3. Removal of small portions of the provincial NHS where there is built-up impervious development or infrastructure (this does not apply to individual properties or houses outside of a registered plan of subdivision); and
  4. Removal of small, isolated portions of the NHS ​that protrude from the Greenbelt Plan boundary or settlement areas provided these areas have no natural features and are not connected to the larger provincial NHS.
This updated mapping is provided for information and review. Public input on this mapping will be initiated as part of the Statutory Public Consultation process, which is tentatively scheduled for June 2022.

Previous Mapping - October 2021

Please refer to the Draft Report by North South Environmental, 'Review and Refinements to the Natural Heritage System for the Growth Plan​', dated October 14th and associated mapping​ for additional infor​mation.

Public input on the October 25, 2021 draft Mapping of Proposed Additions and Removals to the Natural Heritage System for the Growth Plan and the October 25, 2021 draft of the Refined Mapping of the Natural Heritage System for the Growth Plan was accepted by the County till the date of December 3, 2021. 

"The comment period is now closed."

There will be further opportunities to review and comment on proposed refinements to the Provincial Natural Heritage System during the future Statutory Public Meeting process. Should you have any questions, please contact Kristin D. Pechkovsky, Senior Policy Advisor (kristin.pechkovsky@simcoe.ca)​​


The refinement of the Provincially mapped Growth Plan NHS is part of Simcoe County's MCR. In support of the policies of the Growth Plan, the Province has mapped a Natural Heritage System (NHS) as a long-term approach to planning for the protection of the Greater Golden Horseshoe's natural heritage and biodiversity. The provincial NHS mapping can be accessed through this link.

The NHS is made up of core areas which are comprised of natural heritage features and areas. These core areas are linked by natural corridors (linkages) intended to provide connectivity (at the regional or site level) and support natural processes which are necessary to maintain the long-term viability of ecological systems.

According to policies of the Growth Plan, municipalities are required to incorporate the Growth Plan NHS mapping and policies within Official Plans. However, there is an opportunity to refine the Growth Plan NHS at the time of initial implementation. The Technical Report on Criteria, Rationale and Methods for the Growth Plan NHS provides guidance to municipalities to make minor, technical refinements to the Growth Plan NHS, in a manner that is consistent ​with the Growth Plan. The Technical Report can be accessed through this link​​.​​​​