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Agricultural System Review and Refinement Update


The following documents have been prepared in relation to the Provincial Agricultural System Review and Refinement Update

Refined Provincial Agricultural System Mapping by Municipality - PDF Format (Draft March 2022)

​​             Adjala-Tosorontio
           ​Bradford West Gwillimbury
              ​New Tecumseth
​                Tiny


The refinement factors of the Growth Plan Agricultural System may include the following:

  • ​Adjustments to identifiable boundaries (roads, railways, water bodies, settlement area boundaries, etc.)
  • Minor adjustments for discrepancies in mapping scale
  • Changes to settlement boundaries that were approved as of July 1, 2017
  • First Nations reserve areas, Federal airport lands, etc.
  • Recognition of other LEAR information, designated employment areas, key natural heritage features, etc.)
  • ​ Assessment of Candidate Areas 

There will be further opportunities to review and comment on proposed refinements to the Provincial Agricultural System mapping during the future Statutory Open House and Public Meeting process. ​​​

Should you have any questions please contact: agsystemrefinement@simcoe.ca​​​

Previous Mapping - October 2021

The following documents have been prepared in relation to the Agricultural System Review and Refinement Update

Please note, the purpose of the maps above is to highlight the differences between the Agricultural designation on Schedule 5.1 Land Use Designations to the County's current Official Plan (2016) and the unrefined provincial Agricultural System mapping. This mapping is being provided for information purposes only.

Please note that the County's Agricultural designation and the provincial Agricultural System mapping does not apply to lands within settlement areas and therefore this mapping does not impact the lands within the Town's of Collingwood, Midland, Penetanguishene, and Wasaga Beach.


One of the components of the County's Municipal Comprehensive Review (MCR) is a review of the location of the prime agricultural area in the County. Prime agricultural areas are characterized by fertile soils where most of Ontario's crops are produced which support the broader agricultural system.

The Growth Plan further indicates that the responsibility for the mapping of prime agricultural areas rests solely with the Province.  Provincial mapping locates a continuous and productive land base comprised of prime agricultural areas, including specialty crop areas and rural lands, as well as a complementary agri-food network that together enable the agri-food sector to thrive.  Further information on the work completed by the Province can be accessed through this link.  

It is the Province's expectation that their mapping of prime agricultural areas in Simcoe County be implemented in the County Official Plan.  Until then, the current mapping showing prime agricultural areas in the County Official Plan continues to apply.  However, before the Provincial mapping is implemented, the Province allows for a one-time opportunity to refine the Provincial mapping at the time of a MCR based on implementation procedures issued by the Province.  These implementation procedures can be accessed through this link​.  

The Agricultural System Review and Refinement Update will identify the differences between the Provincial mapping and the current mapping of prime agricultural areas included within the Simcoe County Official Plan and local Official Plans.  Once the extent of the differences is known, the Consulting Team will conduct an assessment to determine whether changes are required to the Provincial mapping and why. The product of this work will be updated prime agricultural mapping that will be incorporated by a future Official Plan Amendment into the Simcoe County Official Plan.

Included in this Amendment will be updated policies on agricultural uses, agriculture-related uses and on-farm diversified uses as well. Given that the boundaries of prime agricultural areas in an Official Plan can only be modified at the time of the MCR, it is anticipated that there will be interest on the part of landowners and others in this process. Consultation will be a key component of this project and opportunities to review the work completed and ask questions will be identified through this process. ​