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Big Bay Point Golf Club - SC-OPA-1802

​​​Site Specific Amendment to the County of Simcoe Official Plan (County File: SC-OPA-1802)

The County of Simcoe has received a complete application to amend the County of Simcoe Official Plan for the lands shown in the key map below.


THE PURPOSE of the amendment is to amend the existing land use permissions on the subject lands to permit a golf course. Site specific textual and mapping amendments are proposed which will amend Section 3.8.15 Greenlands – Development Control and Schedule 5.1 Land Use Designations of the Official Plan.

THE EFFECT of the amendment is to facilitate the expansion of the existing golf course located north/east of the subject lands, known as Big Bay Point Golf Club.

In accordance with Section 17(15) of the Planning Act, the County will be circulating relevant information to government agencies, ministries, and regulatory authorities and First Nations for their review and comment. The Ministry of Municipal Affairs is the approval authority for all County Official Plan amendments.

The following plans, reports and studies have been prepared in support of the applications:

  1. County Official Plan Amendment Application Form, prepared by Brutto Consulting;
  2. Planning Justification Report, prepared by Brutto Consulting, dated June 2018;
  3. Site Plan prepared by Marton Smith Landscape Architects;
  4. Routing Plan prepared by Marton Smith Landscape Architects;
  5. Functional Servicing and Preliminary Stormwater Management Report, prepared by Crozier Consulting Engineers, dated June 2018;
  6. Interim Environmental Impact Study, prepared by Riverstone Environmental Solutions Inc., dated June 2018;
  7. Tree Inventory & Preservation Plan Justification Letter, prepared by Riverstone Environmental, dated July 27, 2018;
  8. Legal Survey Plan, prepared by Rudy Mak Surveying Ltd.;
  9. Registered Deed of Title;
  10. Geotechnical Feasibility Commentary, prepared by Terraprobe Inc., dated June 2018;
  11. Preliminary Hydrogeological Feasibility Review, prepared by Terraprobe, dated August 9th, 2018;
  12. Golf Ball Spray and Safety Analysis, prepared by Cam Tyers Design Inc., dated June 2018;
  13. Stage 1 Archaeological Assessment, prepared by Archeoworks Inc., dated June 2018;
  14. Initial Assessment of Agricultural Capability Letter, prepared by Coleville Consulting Inc., dated July 25, 2018;
  15. Public Consultation Strategy


Application to Amend the County of Simcoe Official Plan 


Notice of Complete Application

Official Plan Amendment

Draft Official Plan Amendment

Questions regarding the application and/or the forthcoming Planning process can be directed to the County's Planning Department at (705) 726-9300.