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What’s Great about Getting Ahead?

August 16, 2017
Simcoe County Circles/Getting Ahead/ Bridges Out of Poverty Initiative Launched Jan 2017 

The goal of Getting Ahead:

To help individuals in poverty to build their resources for a more prosperous life for themselves, their families, and their communities. By creating an actionable plan for change graduates of the Getting Ahead program build the capacity to move towards being financially self-sufficient.

The Getting Ahead curriculum:

  • Involves work done in a safe learning environment with the support of an experienced facilitator and co-facilitator with lived experience of poverty.
  • Enables you, the participant, (also known as “investigators”) to examine your own experience of poverty as well as explore issues in the community that impact poverty (banking, housing, jobs, transportation). This will provide critical information the community can use to take action to end poverty.
  • Guides you through an assessment of your own resources and how to build those resources as part of your move to self-sufficiency.
  • Puts the concepts, tools, and relationships in your hands to help you make a difference in your own life and in the lives of your community.

The impact of Getting Ahead

Specifically, participants in the Getting Ahead program are afforded the time and support the need to truly evaluate their personal circumstance. Here are a few comments from the recent Getting Ahead Grads about their experience with the program.
-K. McMurran, Artist & Getting Ahead Graduate, 2017-

At the end of our most recent Getting Ahead six-week workshop, all 7 investigators unanimously shared the following…

  • They now see potential where it did not exist before.
  • They see their community as open and supportive which they couldn’t see before.
  • They believe in themselves in ways they didn’t know were possible and every one of them is eager to take what they have learned and forge a new path towards success.
  • They have all requested to join the Simcoe County Circles – North Circle, (which begins in November).

Getting Ahead has the great capacity to significantly change the lives of those living in poverty.

Now, more than ever, we need programs that help to increase people’s capacity to believe in themselves and their communities. That is why we believe that Getting Ahead, Bridges Out of Poverty and Circles are integral to any sustainability planning in Simcoe County.

When is the next Getting Ahead

Simcoe County Circles will be offering Getting Ahead for residents of the Midland/Penetanguishene/Tiny/Tay region

September 14th – October 26th

  • Tuesdays and Thursdays
  • 9:30 – 1:00pm
  • Transportation and Child Minding for pre-school aged children available
  • Take-home lunch provided

Interested and want to find out more?

Attend a 30 minute Getting Ahead Information Session

  • Wed Aug 30th
  • North Simcoe Learning Centre – 51 Dunlop St, Penetanguishene
  • 10:00am OR 2:00pm 

Already decided that Getting Ahead is right for you

Connect with Simcoe County Circles and get registered today!!