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Volunteer Page - Simcoe Village and Manor


​​​"The heart of a volunteer is not measured in size, but by the depth of the commitment to make a difference in the lives of others."

~ DeAnn Hollis

Go to our Volunteer Programs webpage and find out how to volunteer with us - http://www.simcoe.ca/LongTermCare/Pages/VolunteerPrograms.aspx​

F​or more information, please contact: 

April Lawson, Simcoe Strong Volunteer Coordinator


​​COVID-19 Updates 

Please click on the following link for important updates in our Long-Term Care and Seniors Services Facilities:  Simcoe Village and Manor

​Volunteer News

New* Volunteer Program Updates - April 21st

April 21st we held our first ever Virtual Volunteer Appreciation Event, and it went very well! 

We have also been conducting Virtual Volunteer Programming.  The following programs have taken place virtually 

  • Bi​ble studies
  • Church services
  • Hymn sing-a-long
  • Bingo
  • Pet therapy
  • Musical programs
  • Baking/cooking classes
  • One-to-one virtual visiting
  • Short story program

New* Resident Birthda​​y Donation Program

We began a new birthday program at each of our long-term care homes where groups of volunteers and/or companies purchase individual cupcakes, make or purchase birthday cards and provide a birthday balloon​ so each resident is able to celebrate their birthdays on their actual birth dates.  

New* Virtual Volunteering

​Virtual volunteering is done online, via computers, tablets, or smartphones, off-site from the Long Term Care Homes. More and more, organizations are engaging people who want to contribute their skills and time via the Internet.

What are the benefits of virtual volunteering?

Virtual volunteering is flexible, often allowing the volunteer to complete a task or project around their own schedule. It is also not limited by geography, physical ability or work arrangement. You can choose to volunteer for any of the Long Term Care homes through Simcoe County and or link our residents to other places and people around the world!

What is the time commitment? 

Virtual volunteers can complete one-time, short-term or ongoing tasks and projects. But it would be very much appreciated if our volunteers committed some sort of time to our residents on a regular basis as they so need company from outside our home. 

​Below are some different ways you can virtually volunteer…

  • Read short stories (Chicken Soup for the Soul)
  • Visit virtually with a resident 15min-half hour (I can give topics to chat about and or link you up with a resident with similar interests)
  • Allow residents to bake or cook with you virtually, get them engaged
  • Share a musical instrument talent with our residents
  • Share biblical scripture with our residents
  • Sing with our residents (sing-a-long)
  • Get your kids and or grandkids involved and share a play or a dance routine they learned
  • Call virtual Bingo for small group of residents
  • Do a craft virtually with a resident (let me know what supplies you may need)
  • Share some of your pets virtually
  • Link our residents to other special people around the world on a Zoom call to visit other destinations and people virtually

If you are interested in learning more about some of our virtual volunteering opportunities, please do not hesitate to contact April.Lawson@simcoe.ca 

​Ontario Senior Achievement Award

 Three members holding a plaque

Above, Janet Tipping accepting the Ontario Senior Achievement award with Lieutenant Governor Elizabeth Dowdeswell and Minister for Seniors and Accessibility Raymond Cho.

Janet Tipping who has volunteered for over 44 years at Simcoe Manor, recording a total of 8100 hours to date. With every visit, Janet demonstrates her genuine desire to assist the residents and always has a friendly smile and a welcoming approach making each and every resident feel special.  Her dedication to the many tasks she completes as well as her determination to provide for the betterment of the residents at our facility is evident with her every visit. She was one of 16 people to receive the Ontario Senior Achievement Award. The ceremony took place last month at Queens Park.

Andre and Elizabeth speaking to each other  

Above: Andrea Tipping chatting with Lieutenant Governor Elizabeth Dowdeswell

Looking for volunteers to join our Palliative Care T​eam

For more information, please contact (905) 729-2267, Laura Czovek ext. 5030 or Rosa Athanassoulis ext. 5086

Your support and contributions will make a significant difference in the lives of our residents and families at Simcoe Manor.

  • Provide compassionate presence for the resident
  • Sit with the resident
  • Read
  • Play comforting music
  • Provide conversation
  • Talk about their interests
  • Ensure Palliative Care Cart is available/stocked
  • And much more...

Meetings are held January, April, July, and October on the second Wednesday of the month.  Please check for virtual link.
two pairs of hands holding a heart

Volunteer Dedication

Thank you to the ongoing service from each and every one of you. Our programs and services would not be possible if not for the assistance and dedication of our volunteers.

Michael, helping to decorate for Christmas.

Michael hanging a snowflake decoration  

Brian reaching high to put up the snowflakes. 

Brian holding a snowflake decotation to the ceiling  ​

Gianna looking quite festive for Halloween.

Gianna in her festive holloween outfit  ​

The two Sharon’s have a good time at the Halloween party.

The Sharon's sharing a hug 

 Volunteer Andrea posing for a picture with Julie the hairdresser.

Andrea and Julie posing next to one another  

Student volunteer Sai helping Sharon with an art project.

Sai and Sharon holding an art projcet 

Louise at the Elmvale Zoo.

Louise in a zoo 

Volunteer Susan with resident Christina going to the Senior Information Fair.

Susan pushing Christina in a wheelchair  

 Volunteer Susan at the Senior Information Fair with resident Mary

Mary and Susan posing next to each other  

Michael going around with his weekly “Travelling Library Cart".

Michael posing next to his travelling library cart  ​

Cyber Seniors

There is an opportunity to assist with a new program called Cyber Seniors - assisting a resident with using an IPad, teaching skills such as using email, Facebook, skype, etc.  Other volunteer opportunities for students include meal assistance and program assistance.