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Age-Friendly Seniors Housing Grant Program

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The 2023 Age-Friendly Seniors Housing Grant Program is now CLOSED. All Applications are due May 31st, 2023


Email: ​​ agefriendly@simcoe.ca​ (response within 2-3 business days)


  Tracy Hill  (705) 726-9300 ext. 3127 

  ​​​Catherine Ivanyshyn (705) 726-9300 ext. 1211​

About the Age-Friendly Seniors Housing Grant Program

Accessible, Ada​ptable and Inclusive Designs f​​​o​r Occupants 60+​

The grant program was recommended within the Simcoe County 2018-2023 Positive Aging Strategy, which identified a number of recommendations for the County and its municipalities to prepare for the region's aging population. This program funds projects that incorporate accessible, adaptable and inclusive designs, which allow seniors to continue to live independently in their communities for as long as possible.

Applicants eligible for this grant include those completing housing projects located within Simcoe County (excluding the cities of Barrie and Orillia). Applicants who were successful in obtaining an Age-Friendly Seniors Housing grant in the past three years are not eligible to apply in 2023.  Applicants can be homeowners of principal residences or developers, who wish to include accessible, adaptable and inclusive design modifications for occupants aged 60 or older. Grant amounts will be distributed based on the number of applications received and ability to meet funding criteria. 

Are you eligible to apply?

If you are interested in applying for an Age-Friendly Seniors Housing Grant, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Housing projects must be located within the 16 municipalities of the County of Simcoe
  • Excludes the cities of Barrie and Orillia
  • Applicants can be homeowners of principal residences or developers 
  • Housing must be dedicated to occupants 60 years of age and older
  • Individual homes or multi-residential development projects
  • ​Applicant has not already received an Age-Friendly Seniors Housing grant in the past three years; or capital funding from the County of Simcoe for the same project

I​​​​nformation on eligibility, how to apply, grant categories, examples of items that are covered,  and ​costs not covered by this grant.

​​Descriptions on General Guidelines, Supporting Materials, Application Deadline, Application Submission Process, and Evaluation Process.

Age-Friendly Housing Checklist - Definitions

85% live in private dwellings while 8% live in collective dwellings. Meeting this demand will require adaptations to existing housing, home maintenance and support services (including personal care), friends and neighbours and increased reliance on both government and private service providers. This also means providing a continuum of housing choices in terms of location, forms of housing, types of tenure, living arrangements and range of support services that would allow older adults to continue to live independently and participate in their community for as long as possible. (CMHC2011)​​