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Building an Age-Friendly Simcoe County

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County releases 2018 Progress Report on 5-Year Positive Aging Strategy

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County of Simcoe Positive Aging Strategy 2018 Annual Progress Report

The County of Simcoe is proud to release the first annual progress report on our Positive Aging Strategy, which highlights our successes over the past 12 months and our sustained efforts to improve the quality of care and services to address our growing seniors population’s needs.

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Age-Friendly Business/Organization Award Program

Helps business owners assess whether their business is designed to serve everyone. The program provides a guide, resources, tools and recognition to enable business owners to identify, promote and be recognized for implementing age-friendly practices. As our population ages, it makes viable business sense to adapt to meet changing needs.  Age-Friendly Business/Organization Recognition Application Program closed June 15th and is now closed for 2019


2019 Simcoe County Age-Friendly Seniors Housing Grant Program

The County of Simcoe is providing the regional housing market for Seniors a boost with the 2019 Age-Friendly Seniors Housing Grant Program.  Deadline was May 15th - now closed for 2019.

2018-2023 Simcoe County Positive Aging Strategy: 
Older Adults Strengthening our Communities

Simcoe County Positive Aging Strategy

Simcoe county positive aging strategy 

2016 Community Needs Assessment Report

Executive Summary

executive summary 

Full Report

full report 

About An Age-Friendly Simcoe County

From the World Health Organization (WHO) to our municipal government, there is a call for an age-friendly society.  The County of Simcoe recognizes the Age-Friendly Community (AFC) concept as an initiative that falls within their mandate and, in support of our aging population, has chosen to develop a framework for the communities that reside within its geographical area.  Developing a framework will help our community stakeholders identify, plan and address needs and priorities related to older adults in our area.  

How to Become Involved

Two levels of involvement and contact information are highlighted in 'How to Become Involved'. These criteria are intended to guide the planning process by involving seniors along the way towards developing the County's Age-Friendly Community framework.

We Want to Hear From You

To better understand the issues related to aging, we would like to invite you to become involved by answering some questions relating to Civic Participation and Employment, Communication and Information, Community Support and Health Services, Housing, Outdoor Spaces and Buildings, Respect and Social Inclusion, Social Participation and Transportation.  Click here to provide your feedback.

Age-Friendly Guides

Global Age-Friendly Cities: A GuideGlobal age friendly cities 

Age-Friendly Community Planning: Finding The Right Fit  
 Finding the right fit

Ontario Seniors' Secretariat Publications and Resources

Publications and resources 

Are you making the right call?  Call 911 for emergencies and 211 for information on services for non emergency challenges​​

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2-1-1 Central East Ontario​ 

make the connection. call 211 

 Click here to view Dementia Friends Canada websiteDementia friends canada

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