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Adult Day Programs

The County of Simcoe Adult Day Programs are unique in that they bring Day Program services and activities to small rural communities.  This innovative approach keeps elderly and/or disabled individuals closer to their communities and reaches individuals who might not otherwise have access to programming services.   We have two locations:

Penetanguishene - Georgian Village

101 Thompsons Road, Penetanguishene, Ontario L9M 1K8  Tel: (705) 549-6277

Penetanguishene Adult Day Program Activity Calendar - August 2019

Bathing Services Available at Georgian Village

We are extremely pleased to announce that the Corporation of Simcoe is offering bathing services at our Georgian Village, Adult day Program site located at 101 Thompsons Rd. Penetanguishene for seniors within our community.  Our site is equipped with a large, attractive tub room in which qualified Home Support Workers would provide seniors with scheduled bathing services, assisting individuals who have difficulties bathing in their own home.  Cost is $40.00 plus HST.  If you would like to enquire further regarding our bathing service, please contact our Adult Day Program office Monday through Friday, 8:30AM to – 4:00PM at (705) 549-6277.


23 Yonge Street, Elmvale, Ontario, L0L 2J0  (705) 322-4786

Elmvale Adult Day Program Activity Calendar - June 2019

About the Adult Day Programs

The First Step:  Potential clients for the program are referred through a variety of sources, for example, Community Care Access Centers, other clients, physicians, friends, relatives or perhaps, even a concerned community member.

Community Care Access is often the first point of contact, although in many instances a call is made to the program staff.  The program staff then refer the client/caregiver to Community Care Access whom, after doing an intake process, sends a file to the Day Program. After reviewing the file, the client and caregiver are contacted and invited to come for a visit to the program.  An assessment of the clients, goals, needs, likes, dislikes as well as abilities is undertaken in order to ensure the program meets the client's needs.  Legal waivers and emergency contact information is also collected and transportation arrangements discussed. Clients will be reassessed periodically.

How the Program Works:  Each program consists of elements that address all aspects of a client's needs - physical fitness, mental stimulation, good nutrition, outings, socialization and crafts.  The program also supports independence autonomy and is goal-orientated.

Fitness:  Exercise programs are geared to the group's ability levels to reinforce "wellness".  Participation in group activities also encourages a sense of belonging, is an excellent esteem booster and often provides an opportunity for laughs.  We use balls, senior workout audio cassettes and videos.  Walking short distances is also encouraged with canes or walkers, if necessary.

Word Games/Discussion Groups:  Stimulating the mind is an important component of daily activity.  Program assistants use games, books, magazines and discussion topics to draw out participants and to provide meaningful and appropriate social interaction and reminiscing.

Outings:  Keeping clients involved in the community is one of the goals of the program.  Visiting both new and familiar sites are incorporated into seasonal planning.   For example – boat cruises, museum visits, picnics, bus rides with visits to the beach, festivals, the zoo, farms and parks.

Nutrition/Food:  Nutritious snacks and lunches are served at all programs and form an integral part of a holistic approach to programming.  Many clients, particularly those living alone, benefit immensely from lunches that include all four food groups

Special diets are provided for those who require them, i.e. diabetics, low salt or low fat etc.  Lunches are prepared by the dietary staff at Georgian Manor. Occasionally, as the result of a baking program, dessert or a whole meal is created by clients under the supervision of staff and volunteers.  This always is an enjoyable time for everyone involved. On occasion everyone goes out to a restaurant for lunch.  The program staff and volunteers organize fundraising events which provide the funds to augment these activities.

Crafts: Craft activities are available to those clients who are interested and have the ability to produce craft projects.

Rest Periods: Many clients require a brief rest period after lunch. Comfortable chairs usually suffice for a quick snooze.  This ensures that the client gets a good night's rest and provides caregivers with a break. Components of the programs all have a therapeutic base.  Activities conducted are purposeful and meaningful to clients and are outcome based.  Activities simply for the sake of passing time are not the norm.  Many components require specific skill sets at various levels to achieve a desired outcome.

Program Goals:   Penetanguishene and Elmvale Adult Day Programs are developed in tandem with the Alzheimer's Initiative to ensure the broadest range of service delivery.  We are also continuing to build strong relationships with other service

providers and community groups.  Many service groups and community groups have contributed both time and money to maintain and enhance the programs.

Staff:   Two staff members are assigned to each program location.  Some program locations require a higher compliment of staff due to functioning level and size of the group.  Program assistants are required to have a health care background and experience in programming and activation.

Staff are responsible for assessments, all day supervision of clients, program delivery, attending to personal needs, i.e. meal assistance, assistance with medication, toileting and coordination of transportation. ​