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About Information Technology

The Information Technology department manages the computer infrastructure and information systems across over fifty operational locations.  This includes the administration of a secure and reliable network for over 900 computer systems including the operation of the high speed, broadband Simcoe Community Access Network (SCAN) which also serves 16 member municipalities and over 20 municipal libraries.  The County’s information systems include core functions such as financial management, procurement, human resources / payroll, asset management, and property management.  Staff also manage software licensing, desktop installation, staff training, security, capacity planning as well as data backup and recovery.  The department provides systems analysis and programming services to all County departments as new business applications are identified and implemented. 

The Information Technology department also manages the County's Geographic Information System (GIS) providing geospatial and support services to all internal County business units as well as municipal, community and provincial stakeholders through a partnership model.  GIS services include the provision of complex analytical mapping, 911 and property database maintenance and advanced database services.  The maps.simcoe.ca web site provides a wealth of information to both internal departments and the general public.​

Contact us at (705) 726-9300 ext. 1311 between 8:30am - 4:30pm Monday through Friday.

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Our GoalsOur Goals<ul><li>​Ensure High Availability of Information Systems</li><li>Provide Timely and Effective Training and Support</li><li>Optimize Financial Resources Available</li><li>Anticipate Trends to Manage Risk</li><li>Design and Implement Integrated Systems</li><li>Deliver Efficient and Effective Infrastructure Management</li><li>Monitor Service Level Commitments</li><li>Support Personal and Professional Growth</li><li>Promote a Culture of Innovation</li><li>Deploy and Maximize Usage of Advanced Technology</li></ul><p>The department is organized into three separate sections, providing a comprehensive range of services to the Corporation, member municipalities, and other community partners.</p>
Information Services and ApplicationsInformation Services and Applications<p>​The Information Services and Applications section supports two core technology platforms. The first platform being Enterprise Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and the second Enterprise Content Management (ECM). The skills within the section focus on managing, deploying and extending the technology investment for the corporation and are a mix of technicians, analysts and developers with expertise in GIS, Web and Database technologies. Within the GIS area the section maintains an enterprise geospatial database for corporate and public use.  The GIS area also provides advanced services to enable for display, manipulation, and analysis of mapped and unmapped data to help users visualize and better understand geographic relationships. GIS is used extensively across the organization as well as being widely used by the public through maps.simcoe.ca. For ECM the focus of this group is around Web Content (both Internet and Intranet), Document and Records Management, and Workflow. The ECM provides all corporate computer users with a platform for access and dissemination of information, documents and official records of the corporation. In addition the ISA section also administers any web based third party applications and facilitates some custom development where solutions are not readily available.</p>
Infrastructure and OperationsInfrastructure and Operations<p>​The Infrastructure and Operations team provides Information Technology support services to County employees, member municipalities, and many other partners. Our help desk provides the first line of support for all IT supported services including email, applications, web sites, computers, printers, network connectivity, security, and many general inquiries. Issues that cannot be resolved by the Infrastructure and Operations team are quickly escalated to our specialized application support teams: Business Planning and Systems, and Information Services and Applications.<br><br>Specialized areas of support that the Infrastructure and Operations team do take care of include: the SCAN wide area fibre optic network which connects over 100 municipal offices to the Internet and other network resources. This includes telephone connections and service related to telephone system components. The team also manages over 100 file and application servers, which support our applications as well as web site and e-mail components.  Other areas of support include security, Antivirus, Server room management, Desktop Computers, Printers, Tablets and Smartphones.<br></p>
Business Planning and SystemsBusiness Planning and Systems<p> <span lang="EN-US">The Business Planning and Systems team is responsible for supporting the SAP Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) suite of applications and other applications which use data from, or feed data to SAP.  The team is comprised of business analysts and database analysts who have expertise in SAP, Microsoft tools and applications and database technology.<br> <br> The business analysts (BAs) solve business problems, in conjunction with the business, by analyzing requirements; designing solutions; planning and supporting the development of the solutions and testing and implementing those solutions.  The database analysts are responsible for security, application development, database maintenance, reporting and the middleware programs and tools that provide the underlying application base.</span></p><br>