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Simcoe County Forestry



Find Your Foresthttps://www.simcoe.ca/dpt/fbl/find-your-forestFind Your ForestThe Simcoe County Forest is celebrating our roots in 2022 as we commemorate our 100th Anniversary
About the Simcoe County Foresthttps://www.simcoe.ca/dpt/fbl/aboutAbout the Simcoe County ForestThe Simcoe County Forest is the largest and one of the most productive municipal forests in Ontario, totaling over 33,000 acres
Recreational Use of the Foresthttps://www.simcoe.ca/dpt/fbl/recreationRecreational Use of the ForestOne of the primary roles of the County Forest is to provide for a range of passive recreational pursuits
Recreation Clubshttps://www.simcoe.ca/dpt/fbl/recreation-surveyRecreation ClubsLearn more about the volunteer recreational groups within the Simcoe County Forest
Resources for Landownershttps://www.simcoe.ca/dpt/fbl/resourcesResources for LandownersWhile the County does not provide tree planting services to residents, funding is available to reduce the cost of reforestation programs delivered by area partners
Forest Conservation By-lawhttps://www.simcoe.ca/dpt/fbl/bylawForest Conservation By-lawForest Conservation By-laws have traditionally been referred to as tree cutting by-laws and have existed in Ontario for over 50 years
Eventshttps://www.simcoe.ca/dpt/fbl/eventsEventsCalendar of scheduled events in the Simcoe County Forests